There must be a television sequence or movie on the Harlem Hellfighters. Come on Netfli…

>The **369th Infantry Regiment**, previously referred to as the **15th New York National Guard Regiment** and generally known as the **Harlem Hellfighters**, was an [infantry]( [regiment]( of the [New York Army National Guard]( throughout [World War I]( and [World War II]( The Regiment consisted primarily of [African Americans](, although it additionally included a number of [Puerto Rican Americans]( throughout World War II. With the [370th Infantry Regiment](,[[2]]( it was identified for being one of many first African American regiments to serve with the [American Expeditionary Forces]( throughout World War I. Before the 15th NG Regiment was fashioned, any African American who needed to battle within the warfare needed to enlist within the [French]( or [Canadian]( armies.[[3]](
>The regiment was nicknamed the *Black Rattlers*. The nickname *Men of Bronze* was given to the regiment by the French and *Hell-fighters* was given to them by the Germans.[[4]]([[5]]([[6]]( During WWI, the 369th spent 191 days in frontline trenches, greater than every other American unit. They additionally suffered probably the most losses of any American regiment with 1,500 casualties.[[7]](


Max Brooks launched a graphic novel about them again in 2014. A worthy story to inform.



All her photos look like this

All her photographs appear like this.

The Road to El Dorado How the Box Office Bomb Became

The Road to El Dorado: How the Box-Office Bomb Became a Cult Classic