What are some nice scenes which might be ruined by one small factor?

For instance, I actually love the scene in X-Men First Class with [Magneto in Argentina at the bar with the ex-Nazis](https://youtu.be/nhab1EWRwF8). It’s tense, they usually’re talking Spanish and German. What fully took me out of the scene is when he says “Let’s just say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster” in English. It fully ruins the second in my view. Why did he should say it English? Who’s there to listen to it in English in addition to the viewers?

Any different examples of nice scenes being ruined by one thing small?



Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist may be hit or miss to some

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” could also be hit and miss to some, nevertheless it was extraordinarily…

instaFail This is mainly to show her skin color Im

instaFail: This is principally to indicate her pores and skin shade. I’m disgusted.