How does Mr. & Mrs. Smith have 33 million person critiques on Rotten Tomatoes?

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was a reasonably enjoyable popcorn film. Great premise, motion will get a bit indulgent towards the tip, character arcs are fairly strong till the ultimate 30 minutes, at which level the leads begin appearing out of character a bit. All in all- flawed however enjoyable.

I went on RT to seek out that [33 million people]( submitted person critiques for this film. That is mainly your entire state of California, or half of the inhabitants of the UK. The largest motion pictures ever like [The Avengers]( (1.1 mil), [The Dark Knight]( (1.eight mil), and [The Force Awakens]( (200okay) don’t even come near the variety of critiques that Mr. & Mrs. Smith has.

In 2019, RT unveiled its [verified user review system]( that stops evaluation botting by solely permitting individuals who purchased tickets on Fandango to evaluation motion pictures. The Mr. & Mrs. Smith critiques are virtually definitely bots from earlier than this overhaul.

Why would there be a bot assault on this film? Note that the person critiques are usually not precisely good, with a 58% viewers rating. Of course, since solely *possibly 5%* of those critiques are real, the botters selected for the rating to be precisely 58%… apparently. What are your ideas?



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