Is it me or not lots of issues are occurring with 20th Century Studios as soon as Dis…

when i’m going on Variety or Deadline Hollywood and lookup the tags to studios like Paramount, Sony, or Lionsgate they nonetheless buying initiatives like unique scripts and doing offers to accumulate the rights of books that they will perhaps make into motion pictures. Even within the quarantine when film productions shut down filming and such. Examples included right here

But ever since Disney purchased it not lots of information has been happening. Yes i do know They gutted lots of Fox initiatives in growth in August and so they bought a brand new particular person to run the label in March. And a While in the past they did announce a bunch of dates of potential 20th motion pictures for 2021-2023. But that is most likely going to alter since Covid screwed every little thing up.

But nonetheless no information that i can assume of. If you look within the Deadline tag for 20th final article that introduced one thing was again in February for a possible Clue film.

It’s actually regarding as a result of We do not even know what Disney goes to do with it and the label is simply sitting there doing nothing Maybe they’re ready till they launch the remaining Fox motion pictures then purchase new initiatives however who is aware of.

But Searchlight alternatively remains to be buying initiatives and has stuff that they’re nonetheless growing But why not the primary 20th Century label.



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