Started watching ‘The Head’ yesterday and it is just about ‘The Thing’ as a murd…

It’s a 6 half collection on HBO GO. To make clear, there is no horror on this nevertheless it has the identical setting as The Thing which is considered one of my favourite films. I’m on episode three thus far and I actually take pleasure in it. The setting is nice and there is a good quantity of thriller so that you wish to know what occurred there throughout these months of isolation.

Haven’t head of something about this collection on this sub, anybody has seen it and may say if it is good till the top?

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This train making its way through all of this snow

This practice making its method via all of this snow prefer it’snothing

Jiri Menzel Oscar Winning Closely Watched Trains Director Dies at 82

Jiri Menzel, Oscar-Winning ‘Closely Watched Trains’ Director, Dies at 82