The Phenomenon: The Most Credible UFO Film of All Time

2020 has been a horrible 12 months full of horrible information however one of many thrilling facets of this 12 months is the revelations which can be taking place concerning the UFO/UAP Phenomenon. In 2020, we received affirmation from the Government that three([1](,[2](,[3]( launched movies from 2017 had been [authentic](, not solely that the next month Congress acquired a listening to concerning [vehicles not made on this Earth]( and to prime it off in August the Defense Department established the [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force]( Not solely that in December, we’re scheduled to get the primary ever declassified report on [UFOs](

Then got here the just lately launched documentary [The Phenomenon]( Currently the #1 promoting Documentary on iTunes because it’s launch and has been getting glowing evaluations from [CNN](, and the [Guardian]( It was backed by Former director of the key UFO Program, Lue Elizondo of exhibiting supplies that he personally can’t converse [about]( The movie exhibits an interview with Former Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid discussing UFOs turning on and off [Nuclear Weapons]( at our Nuclear Missile Silos.

One of probably the most compelling tales on the movie is that this interview from Former Press Spokesman for Project Blue Book of a pilot being surrounded by [UFOs]( The Documentary additionally goes into depth of how the Government downplayed the phenomenon throughout the Cold War by ridicule of the topic. Near the top of the movie, we’re proven that there’s at the moment some materials being studied at [Stanford]( The supplies belong to Dr. Jacque Vallee who was the “successor” to Dr. J Allen Hynek. At the top of the movie we’re proven probably the most compelling story of all, [Ariel Encounter]( and the way it has impacted their life. Over 100 youngsters noticed beings come out of the objects and had been a meter away from the beings.

By far probably the most compelling UFO documentary of all time to present us a historical past lesson of the topic and to catch us as much as this years newest information.

As a former UFO Skeptic and now a full blown “believer” since 2017, it’s been an incredible 12 months for the subject.



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