iPhone 12 Pro Max 🔋 battery standing after two months of use

Hey people,

I’m a cheerful/fortunate proprietor of the 12 Pro Max. I ordered the iPhone proper after the pre-order was out there and obtained it already one week later. At the start, I used to be thrilled with the battery life. In the meantime, I’m a bit shocked. With regular use (display screen time on weekdays at 4h, on weekends at 5-6h max), the battery barely lasts longer than 10-12h. Background refresh is totally disabled and placement is simply allowed for sure apps when in use.
What shocked me much more: Meanwhile, the battery standing within the settings additionally dropped to 99% after simply two monts.
Has anybody right here had related experiences or ideas to enhance the runtime?

Currently, I’m contemplating contacting assist or shopping for Apple Care+ if the battery standing continues to be so confused. I’d nonetheless have eight days left to position the order.

I’m interested in your enter and apologize for my English – greetings from Germany.

[Battery Status Screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/QxdUQfe)



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