If you did not just like the ending of Dexter, what would you have got most popular to have h…

This was a imagined ending from Clyde Phillips, [who was a producer and showrunner through Season 4](https://www.eonline.com/news/461558/chills-former-dexter-producer-clyde-phillips-reveals-how-he-planned-to-end-the-series),


>”In the final scene of the collection,” Philips defined, “Dexter wakes up. And all people goes to assume, ‘Oh, it was a dream.’ And then the digicam pulls again and again and again after which we notice, ‘No, it is not a dream.’ Dexter’s opening his eyes and he is on the execution desk on the Florida Penitentiary. They’re simply beginning to administer the medicine and he seems out via the window to the commentary gallery.
>”And within the gallery are all of the those that Dexter killed—together with the Trinity Killer and the Ice Truck Killer (his brother Rudy), LaGuerta who he was accountable killing, Doakes who he is arguably accountable for, Rita, who he is arguably accountable for, Lila. All the large deaths, and likewise whoever the weekly episodic kills have been. They are all there.
>”That’s what I envisioned for the ending of *Dexter*. That every little thing we have seen over the previous eight seasons has occurred within the a number of seconds from the time they begin Dexter’s execution to the time they end the execution and he dies.  Literally, his life flashed earlier than his eyes as he was about to die. I believe it could have been a nice, epic, very satisfying conclusion.”


I did not thoughts the filmed ending of Dexter, and I stay up for no matter Season 9 has to supply.

I believe the above ending sounds horrible. The entire present is fantastical, why ought to actuality lastly meet up with Dexter as he makes a deadly mistake, and is caught?

I additionally hate media that tells the viewers that the majority of the story they simply watched / learn / listened to did not occur, and was all only a dream, or illusory, imagined, and so forth. It’s positive to have a dream / nightmare sequence, or have somebody on medicine, however creating such an infinite bait-and-switch actually grinds my gears.

I’ve learn folks say that Dexter ought to face the legislation for all of the folks he killed. For anybody who feels that manner, they in all probability missed the purpose of the present.

Well, I’m desirous about listening to what folks assume might have been one other fashion of ending than what truly occurred.



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