Disney Is Looking At Kevin Hart For Mushu In Live Action ‘Mulan’ Film

Disney Is Looking At Kevin Hart For Mushu In Live Action ‘Mulan’ Film 4

Disney Is Looking At Kevin Hart For Mushu In Live Action ‘Mulan’ Film



  1. I wonder if they considered Eddie Murphy for a reprise(or maybe he declines) or if they wanted to go in another direction.

  2. Disney, get off your fu****g a** and get eddie murphy. Jesus christ. If will smith can play a really sh*tty genie, then you can make it up by having the OG mushu.

  3. Now hold on a minute. I’d heard so many times that this guy’s life and career were ruined forever because people were upset by his jokes so how could this possibly be true?

  4. Wasn’t the whole idea of this new Mulan to be more Chinese?

    I get there’s not a lot of Chinese or Chinese-American comedians popular in the US, but this could be the chance to find an unknown.

  5. My girlfriend and I had a conversation about this when they announced the casts for the movie. I told her If they won’t have Eddie Murphy then it’ll be Kevin heart. She doubted me and look where we are now! I need to shove this news in her face lol

  6. Let me get this right. A guy makes sh*tty jokes online years ago, apologies for them and genuinely becomes a better person years later but still gets fired from directing a movie because of said jokes.

    A guy makes sh*tty jokes online years ago and still makes sh*tty holes currently and never apologizes for either and he gets to star in the next big movie?

    That’s some bullsh*t.

  7. I don’t have a good source, but I read somewhere that Eddie Murphy said no. Kevin Hart would do a good job, but isn’t this remake supposed to have no music aka it’s gonna suck?????

  8. I think I’ll withhold any criticism about Disney consistently casting high-profile black men in CGI side roles until they cast Samuel Jackson as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

  9. God, please no.

    Kevin is Kevin no matter what role he is so it’s easy for me to imagine him in this one and I don’t like it.

    If Disney really wants to keep the “spirit” (Blackness) of the original Mushu, then Chris Tucker would do a WAY better job. Not to mention Rush Hour was the best buddy cop series ever.