Why The Mummy (1999) is such an awesome film.

Why The Mummy (1999) is such an awesome film. 4

Why The Mummy (1999) is such an awesome film.



  1. An example of why this silly movie is well done: the scene where Benny (sic?) uses a variety of religious symbols and prays in different languages to see if one of them will work. The Mummy recognizes Hebrew and realizes Benny may be useful.

    I thought it was such a funny way of showing what Benny’s true character was.

  2. I can tell you why – *because it was fun*. It wasn’t really an action movie, it certainly wasn’t a real horror movie… it was an adventure movie that didn’t take itself seriously. Much like Fraser’s *Journey to the Center of the Earth*.

  3. The moment where Rick screams back at the Mummy sums up why this movie is so great. They never go too far Into serious like the latest movie. There’s a level of camp that elevates it to a fun swashbuckling adventure. You can have a pretty scary (at the time) CGI Mummy that minutes earlier was menacing Evie let out a roar and then have Rick immediately let out a sarcastic roar and shotgun the bastard. It just works so well.

    Compare that to the 2017 Mummy where they seemed more preoccupied with making Tom Cruise “young and roguish” than heroic or likable. They try to play him as a young action hero when in reality he’s 50 goddamn years old. Meanwhile Jake Johnson is there and he would actually fit the role a lot better, but instead you just have him there as a rip-off of “American Werewolf in London”’s Jack. The movie has this self serious tone and works too hard to create this “Dark Universe” bulls**t instead of trying to make one good movie and build off that.

    Honestly I would love to see an updated version of the 99 film that has the same energy with better set pieces and better CGI.

  4. One of my favorite scenes is Evey and Rick’s argument about whether to leave Egypt after Imhotep awakens. They are constantly packing/unpacking their stuff as they yell at each other; culminating in Evey smashing Rick’s hands with the suitcase without noticing. This scene is not just funny, but it also makes the characters feel like real, interesting people.

  5. I don’t care how many times threads like these pop up. This movie is a cla**ic. I absolutely love the s**t out of this movie and it has impacted my life in ways that I never thought possible.

  6. Honestly, this same video could be made for Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.


    As everyone here has stated, it’s fun, it’s witty, and it doesn’t take itself overly serious. Why a 12 minute video needed to be made to tell me about how Rick has PTSD.


    It’s a bunch of people stuck in a desert fighting a mythical monster who eats people. What more do you want?

  7. The first 2 Mummy movies were perfect homages to the Indiana Jones trilogy. We just finished watching both last night, it never gets stale for me.

  8. Heeeeeey Bennnnnnyyyy looks to me you’re on the wrong side of the riiiiiiivvvvveeeeerrr!

    I love this movie. It might’ve not aged well, but it’s such fun schlock.

  9. Imhotep was a pretty cool guy in real life, I don’t see how he somehow always plays the bad guy in fiction (this movie, Stargate TV show).

    I love the movie though. Every time hubby and I see a dead body in a movie or TV show, we always say, “Juicy!”

  10. Why blame Scorpion King? What killed the franchise was the long break between the second and third movie, also the 3rd movie b**bed.

    But Fraser’s character had amazing potential. But his injuries and personal life killed the series.

  11. I put this one in the same boat as National Treasure. It was just good fun from start to finish and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  12. This is my favourite film. I know it shouldnt be, because its not a “great film”, but, it is still my favourite film.

  13. I just watched the new mummy and this mummy in the past couple weeks. THe 1999 mummy is superior by every measure. Even the not as good 2nd one with the scorpian king is still better than the new dark universe mummy.

  14. His point about fraser’s character is exactly what Indian jones did. You trust and believe he is a bad a** that knows his s**t but hes constantly showing you that he is a real person by not perfectly executing the plans, while being convincingly charming about getting lucky while taking it half the time.

  15. “Hey Beni, you’re on the wrong side of the RI–VER!” Such an awesome flick, it’s been a favorite of mine for a long time.

  16. No one is going to see this but I saw this movie when I was a kid, approximately 7 or 8. For some reason this movie gave me nightmares for 3 days straight and couldn’t sleep well. I used to call my Mom, mommy…but never could ever again.

  17. Just reading the script makes it seem like concentrated idiocy. But the film works, and it’s very rewatchable.

  18. Uh oh, I’m gonna say something negative in a thread specifically begging for positive comments of nostalgia… But I’m not here to troll, just my honest opinion:

    I always considered it a poor man’s Indiana Jones. It was competent, but aside from a handful of moments, large stretches of this movie are surprisingly boring and unimaginative.

    It is such a 90s movie through and through, trying to wow audiences with random CG effects. Nowadays that is actually what I find charming about it.

    It has it’s moments and is entertaining, but it’s just always been kind of blah to me. Like I said, comparisons to Indiana Jones are unavoidable to me, since I grew up on those movies, and they’re just in a completely different cla**.