Masahiko Kobe, Iron Chef Italian from the unique “Iron Chef” in Japan, dies at age 49 after a freak fall accident

Masahiko Kobe, Iron Chef Italian from the unique "Iron Chef" in Japan, dies at age 49 after a freak fall accident 4

Masahiko Kobe, Iron Chef Italian from the unique “Iron Chef” in Japan, dies at age 49 after a freak fall accident




  1. This one hurts. Iron Chef Japan was my favorite show growing up and inspired both my love for cooking and my appreciation for Japanese culture. Kobe was always my favorite because of his bright outfit. I wanted to, and then did, learn the fundamentals of Italian cooking thanks to him.

    I wish the best for his family. What a terrible accident.

  2. Does anyone know how a fall killed him? I tried auto translating the article but sentences like: **”Mr. Toshihiko Ashizuka (53) of  Patissier said in Facebook that he was a senior in Ebisu who was not as sweet and full-bodied as you, but he is four years younger than me. “I will pa**” he said.”**, kinda leaves me even more confused.

  3. I remember when I used to watch Iron Chef as a teenager, the video announcement of Iron Chef Italian always seemed like it was added in in post, and he was never actually on stage with the other three. Can anyone explain to me why that was?

    (This was on TV on SBS in Australia, and they only seemed to ever show the same 20 episodes.)

  4. That’s really sad news. I always loved his signature sprint to the stage after the opening gong, apparently because he ran out of time in his first match and didn’t want to repeat that mistake ever again. Rest in peace and Allez Cuisine, Kobe.

  5. This is going to make my fear of death kick into overdrive, isn’t it?

    EDIT: WTF he just literally fell and died.

  6. Oh man I’m bout to binge watch me some iron chef. I once bit into a raw capsicum like the host does and definitely regretted. Props to that man.

    I was always partial to Chen Kenichi, but this loss is huge.

  7. My boyfriend is gonna be devastated when he hears about this. We watch re-runs of Iron Chef on Youtube while we either cook or eat and he likes to reminisce about his childhood while watching them.

  8. Its weird that so many people are commenting on it now.. but it happened ~1 week ago. Even wikipedia is messed up.

  9. I am literally watching Iron Chef Japan on youtube as we speak. Kobe was never my favorite, although his racing to the ingredient stand was legend.

  10. What was it the commentator always used to say prior to interjecting with a comment. He always said something that sounded like “efcuison” to my child ears. To this day what he said to prompt attention remains a mystery to me.

  11. He was still so young IMO. I loved Iron Chef and watched it late into the night when I was growing up and like many, it inspired me to dive into cooking as well Japan culture itself. This is such a shock and I feel deeply for his friends and family.

  12. I liked Iron Chef Japan because they were about the food & ingredients.

    Live lobster / soft shell turtle? Yes, it’s food, this is what happens to your meat food whether you want to know or not.

  13. Sorry to hear about this. I used to watch this show all the time. I’ve always been interested in food and cooking. I also have always been a fan of the old Japanese monster movies, so the bad dubbing just made it that much more enjoyable.

    Fun fact: the actor who portrayed the Chairman was a very well known actor in Japan who once played Jesus in a Japanese production of *Jesus Christ Superstar*.

  14. That would be Shinichiro Ohta, the on-the-floor reporter trying to get the head announcer Kenji Fukui’s attention during a match. He’s saying “Fukui-san!”

    See here!