Can Snails Make Pearls?

Abalones are ma**ive snails with a good looking secret. Brown and gray on the skin, coated in seaweed, slowly crawling rocks in tidal zones while remaining firmly connected to them utilizing a muscular foot, Abalones deposit placing iridescent mother-of-pearl nacre inside their shells.

Abalones are a marine gastropod, a sea snail resembling a typical backyard snail by additionally carrying a single spiralled shell on its again. Along with Conch snails and Melo melo, Abalones are one of many few gastropods which are able to producing pearls.

Abalones stay in shells which are as much as 20 or 30 cm in dimension and may survive in cool or heat waters, which has supported their broad geographic habitat. They are sometimes discovered off the coasts of Western USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Although most abalones stay for 10 to 20 years, they will even attain 40 or 50 years in age. A delicacy in a few of the areas of the world, Abalones have traditionally been collected by hand for meat with the shells getting used for ornaments, cups and even cash.

As with pearls that come from a mollusc reminiscent of an oyster, an Abalone’s pearls are made by depositing 1000’s of layers of an natural substance referred to as nacre. Their inside mother-of-pearl shell is usually extra vibrant than that of bivalve molluscs reminiscent of oysters and regularly shows a surprising mixture of blue, inexperienced, pink, purple and silver.

Natural Abalone pearls are fairly uncommon and till the final century have been comparatively unknown in gemological markets. With their distinctive color and baroque horn shapes, these pearls are actually extremely wanted by jewelry designers and collectors. One of the most important pure Abalone pearls ever discovered is the Big Pink Pearl, which was valued in 1991 at $4.7 million. Round symmetrical abalone pearls stay very uncommon and may take a few years to kind.

Attempts to provide cultured pearls with Abalones have been recorded for the reason that late 19th century in a number of international locations. The principal pearl farms immediately are in New Zealand and California. The major problem for pearl farmers is that the animal’s blood doesn’t coagulate and, if the animal is by accident injured in the course of the surgical insertion of a nucleus, it might bleed to dying. For this cause, Abalone mabe blister pearls are extra regularly cultivated by pearl farmers as no incision is required to start out the Abalone making a blister pearl.

Although ma**ive sea snails reminiscent of Abalones do secretively make very useful and uncommon pearls, stunning cultured mabe Abalone pearls are additionally made into pendants and earrings which are fairly accessible in worth to jewelry lovers.


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