Fans Think Game of Thrones Season 8 Sucks

Fans Think Game of Thrones Season 8 Sucks 4

Fans Think Game of Thrones Season 8 Sucks




  1. “Winter is coming…”
    “Winter is coming…”
    “Winter is coming…”
    “Aaaand it’s gone!”

  2. That’s what happens to an adaptation when it eclipses the source material. The show leaned on the books, word for word at times, and once they didn’t have that crutch, the quality noticeably declined.

    I mean I still love the show, and I’m not mad, just disappointed. This season feels like cheap fan service. It’s not shocking anymore, not in terms of brutal violence but in plot. The razor wit and strategic brilliance of certain characters has been dulled.

    I’m not a book snob, but I can’t recommend them enough. Cersei’s chapters were amazing, she‘s a villain in the show but positively deranged in the books. Chilling. Tyrion’s chapters are like a palate cleanser, intelligent comic relief, that were kind of necessary after a painfully detailed chapter on Ramsey torturing Reek.

    Fack I need books 6 and 7.

  3. I agree the show is just spectacle at this point . Character development and plot went out the window a long time ago.

    You know what really sucks though? Articles that are just a handful of tweets from people you’ve never heard of.

  4. i was honestly really surprised they won in ep. 3. i wanted the north to retreat south and run into the GC, then a two way battle, turned 3 way ma**acre with a NK surprise would have been dope

  5. Can someone explain to me what Bronn is thinking?

    Jamie and Tyrion are going to give him Highgarden? In what world is that even a remote possibility? He isn’t even speaking to Dany.

    My least favorite scene.

  6. Ghost standing there literally an ear missing from murdering zombies and Jon cannot even give him a proper goodbye? That pisses me off more than any teleporting Aryas or Eurons.

  7. I feel it’s all rushed. A lot of plot holes. They struggled to build up and create such a wonderful story. Now they killed the night king in one episode. Winter lasted ONE NIGHT!!
    Made Danerys look stupid in the next. Come on. She’s won battles and come all this way. She definitely has better wisdom than what they’ve shown her to be.

  8. I’m still in love with this show but they really should have stuck to the 10 episode season arc. They had that system down pat, and without these extra episodes it’s very clear they’re rushing to the finish line. I believe the show will end on a high note, and still be a top 10 all time series for me, but it is sad to see all that world building rushed in the final moments.

  9. Why do so many people think Jamie is abandoning his redemption arc? He’s litterally done nothing to suggest that. Yes he’s going back to Kings landing but unless he actually sides with and helps Cersei then no he hasn’t abandoned it

    He was always going back to Kings landing. There is never going to be a battle there that he won’t be involved in. It was a matter of how and when he gets back

  10. It’s a good thing that the French and Spanish ships at Trafalgar didn’t each have a ballista as Lord Nelson’s British fleet would have been decimated.

  11. I liked episode 1.

    Loved episode 2. All the reunions were great. The show stoked the fire and reminded the audience how much you like these characters. In true GoT fashion, it was a perfect setup to an absolute ma**acre that should have been Ep 3.

    I enjoyed Ep 3 but definitely had some issues. Most of it boiled down to the episode needing to tweak a couple things, add in some establishing shots/elements. The show confirms that it’s lost it’s teeth. Could have been great but falls short.

    Episode 4. Whole pile of meh. I’ll keep it vague. Some cool things happen. The issues from Ep 3 are amplified in Ep 4. It feels like they could have cut out a solid 20-30 min easily that should have gone towards building tension or transitioning better between scenes.


    These longer episodes seemed to promise better overall story telling. They needed the time to build better story arcs encompa**ed into the episode. Instead, the editing feels almost more rushed. The time is filled with a lot of fluff. It only becomes more apparent as the stories move on from Winterfell. The ending of this show needs to be tight but instead feels like they’re both stretching for time with filler while the important moments are tacked on.


    Plot armor is thick for main characters.

    Characters have motivations but their actions don’t align.

    Characters have become dwindling idiots of their previous selves.

    Deaths have become random surprises that feel cheap instead of shocking/gutting.


    I would say I was still enjoying the season until the last episode.

  12. That’s what happens when you cram the final season, which has been built up over 7 seasons, into 6 episodes…

  13. Ideally it should have lasted 2 more 10 episode seasons, what we’ve seen so far should have taken one full season with ep10 seeing the fall of the NK and 10 Daenarys starting to paranoid.

    And then another full season for the rest AKA the last 2 episodes

  14. I enjoyed episodes 1-3, but I legit got nothing out of the 4th episode. All my friends and I were like “man I really didn’t give a s**t about anything that happened this episode.”

    The only thing I cared about was Rhaegar dieing and Ghost being abandoned.

    I feel like I can already predict the end in that Danny goes insane and kills everyone, Jon kills her, and he’s forced to rule despite not wanting it.

    There’s GGRM’s bitter ending.

  15. episode 4 was the kind of in-between interactions you always want to see between characters after a battle

    but as the third episode from the end i’m not sure the timing was right.

  16. They were very good at transposing the essence of books. Not so much taking the ball and running with it, when they ran out of material. I think Lord Tyrion Lannister is the biggest disappointment. If anyone should know better, it is he and yet he keeps acting like a total stooge. It is clear, the show’s writers had no clue how to bring the story to a conclusion. In their defense, since the books remain unfinished, it would appear this includes George R. R. Martin as well.

  17. I hate this binary world of criticism. It’s really very depressing. Why do we have to boil down criticism to a single word? Why am I constantly seeing people leaving one sentence comments, thinking it’s contributing to any conversation to just spout the words “stupid” “dumb” “sucks” or conversely “dope” “awesome” “amazing”?

    Are people really this bad at explaining their opinions? Are we really so afraid of a nuanced discussion?

    It’s very much starting to feel like the Game of Thrones fandom has gone full Star Wars fandom.

  18. The show used to not cheat to have the heroes win. Then it started to cheat to let the bad guys win. Now it just cheats to have an excuse to put a meme-able moment onscreen. I can’t even enjoy the spectacle because it so obviously does not make sense.

  19. I don’t think it sucks, I think its suffering from trying to cram way too much story into 6 episodes. No idea why HBO is in such a rush to put the lid on the most successful show they’ve ever had. There should have been two more seasons. This season dealing with the buildup and battle against the dead, then a final season dealing with the ultimate showdown for the Iron Throne.