Minority Report — Deconstructing the Story World

Minority Report — Deconstructing the Story World 4

Minority Report — Deconstructing the Story World




  1. This is my favorite Tom Cruise film as well as my favorite Steven Spielberg film. It is top notch in every aspect.

  2. I loved the plausible future approach this movie took. Sure, some of the story elements are way out there, but the world-building was fantastic. A lot of films set in the future just get a little too silly with their vision of what it could be like. This one felt familiar but new.

  3. I’m still not sure sick sticks are something police would want to use for compliance. That’s just nasty.

  4. Interesting fun fact: They used the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown D.C. as the location of Pre-Crime Headquarters in this film. I was working there one day while they were filming and got to see Steven Spielberg in action!

  5. I wish they stuck with the original story’s message of having the system being actually perfect but humans are bad at reading it. Instead we got “let’s dismantle the system to save the hot girl” Hollywood ending.

  6. Where does Minority Report rank as the BEST sci fi films ever?

    I have Children of Men above it…

    And to me that’s it.

  7. Always love LFTS, but I really do not like this movie.

    The tone feels all over the place, as it will shift from a psuedoscientific exposition dump to a screwball comedy scene – and with few exceptions I really cared for neither. Early 2000s CGI definitely aged poorly, but any scene from the movie also has this weird glow and saturation to it that I absolutely hate. I also thought the “point” of the movie (criticism of pre-emptive action) wasn’t well argued given the construction of its premise (pre-cogs are just a thing that exist, and they’re pretty accurate, but not totally).

    LFTS put out a podcast today discussing Inside Out, and how brilliantly it communicates an enormous amount of information and world building by showing rather than telling. Minority Report relies FAR too much on telling.

    None of this is to say the movie is without merit (I can appreciate it’s ambition, and the scene where the car is a**embled around Cruise strikes a great tone), but it really did not gel with me. It’s about the level of the Matrix Sequels in my book.

  8. I didn’t like the fact that at one point Tom says there hasn’t been a day that he hasn’t thought about what he would do to the man who took his son if he ever found him AND he also says why would I ever kill someone, I don’t even know this guy. Um….

  9. I don’t like Minority Report. The story is built on Tom Cruise’s chracter being unbelievably dumb. Once he escaped from the cops, why keeping looking into what is happening? Just leave town until AFTER the time of the alleged murder. Problem solved.

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