Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer— Sylvester Stallone

Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer— Sylvester Stallone 4

Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer— Sylvester Stallone




  1. not a lot of things surprise me any more but hearing old town road in a f**king RAMBO trailer was definitely not something i expected to do today

  2. Now on one hand it’s an obvious ploy to attract young people, but on the other hand, *Old Town Road* actually kind of fits the trailer.

  3. Me: Jesus I’m getting tired of Old Town Road

    Me after watching the new Rambo trailer: Riiiide til I cain’t no moar!

  4. Goddamn I love the Rambo series. First Blood is a masterpiece, Rambo 2 is one of the best pure 80’s action movies, Rambo 4 is f**king insane. The only one I think isn’t as good is Rambo 3 but it still isn’t bad. I’m f**king hype for this.

  5. Well didn’t expect this to look decent. Getting a real Logan vibe.

    Fuck it I’m in!

    That Memelord Stallone with the Old Town Road

  6. Love the Rambo movies… But he really should have kept the long hair. I feel like it’s iconic for the character. Movie still looks awesome though.

  7. I always wish Stallone had done the idea he had in the late 1990s/early 2000s where John Rambo was going to fight a white supremacist militia and the leader turned out to be the sheriff (played again by Brian Dennehy) from First Blood.

  8. Rambo was such a perfect bookend to John’s story and the franchise………but I’m still willing to give Sly the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this character. I do like the way this is shot, seems a little too Skyfall familiar with the booby traps, then again John was always good at setting traps for guys.

  9. I’m just curious who he’s going after here? The military industrial complex? That’d make sense but nothing I see points in that direction.

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