The Society Pre daybreak raid scene

The Society Pre daybreak raid scene 4

The Society Pre daybreak raid scene




  1. I feel like this show is pretty underrated. It’s one of those shows reddit hates without actually having seen it. People should stick around for more than the first two episodes, it gets pretty complex and fun. If people come to this show, expecting a s**tty teen drama and only watch the first episode, that’s all you’re going to get.

    These people realize after a while that they can’t keep partying and s**t. They need to find a way to survive in this world. Admittedly, water and power and stuff isn’t as big as a problem as it should be in the show but they do eventually realize they need to grow food and stuff. It’s more about politics than survival but survival does play a big role.

  2. The show deals with a lot of interesting and complex philosophies for teens to be going through. For a YA show it’s surprisingly deep. That being said sometimes the decisions characters make are so silly and absurd that they are hard to look past even considering a town full of only 17 years olds finishing puberty. I’ll watch Season 2 but only because they’re short and easy to binge. Definitely room for improvement, but not bad by any means.

  3. Trying not to spoil, but I really like that female characters have leadership roles that reflect the fact they are women without becoming stereotypical ‘strong female characters’.

  4. The main thing i remember from this was just how miserable they’ve made this society to live in. Needlessly cramming everyone into crowded living arrangements (despite land/houses/utilities being their most plentiful resource) & it seemed to run like it was a society in thousands (rather than a hundred or so cla** mates who all knew/of eachother).

  5. this was one of the funniest scenes in the show!

    This show is great and has a lot of range of emotions. Don’t listen to the “dumb teen” argument. A lot of these teens show real adult emotions and it’s the closest thing to what I think would happen. These teens are kind of actually smart.

    The show overall is great, the politics behind is great. Acting is really good. It definitely deserves a S2 because it is one of my favorite new shows!

    “Carla? hey what’s up? i’m raidin” lol. Such a great scene all around

  6. The Guard is the only redeeming quality this show has. Not a bad premise, but the protagonists are just so terrible it’s unbelievable. Imagine picking a leader who makes the worst possible decision every time a decision has to be made but somehow is still allowed to be leader. Meanwhile 90% of the kids are obligated to work until their hands are calloused but the leaders just sit around and bitch all day.

    I get that the show needs a plot but come on.

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