Black Mirror – 5×01 “Smithereens” – Episode Discussion

Black Mirror - 5x01 "Smithereens" - Episode Discussion 4

**Season 5 Episode 1**: Smithereens

**Aired**: June 5, 2019


**Synopsis**: A cab driver with an agenda turns into the centre of consideration on a day that quickly spirals uncontrolled.


**Directed by**: James Hawes

**Written by**: TBA

**Starring**: Andrew Scott, Damson Idris, and Topher Grace.


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  1. I couldn’t help but think that the intern ended up being the one who got shot and that the mom who got the login was just about to find out that the intern was the reason or one of the reasons the daughter killed herself so it was some weird dark happy ending in a way

  2. This was like “The National Anthem” + “Shut up and Dance” + weeeak attempts at a message.

    Not too high on this season too far, tbh. Superb acting though.

  3. This one could be paired with “The National Anthem” which had the ending that whilst everyone was distracted by their screens to watch the Prime Minister they didn’t notice the Princess had been released.


    Whereas this one was saying yes people took note of the story through their various devices but they couldn’t care less after it had ended.

  4. For me at least, this episode is relatable in nowadays modern life. Despite all of the tragedy that keep coming day after day, in the ends it is like a notification in our life.

  5. This episode was boring and nonsensical. Me and my girlfriend struggled to pay attention and pick out what the hell the episode was trying to say. We kept looking for that dark and ironic twist that Black Mirror episodes are famous for and it never came.

  6. I don’t get the hate for this episode, I thought it was fantastic. That speech near the end, and Andrew Scott’s performance, dayam it had me in tears. His final gesture to help that woman access her daughter’s account, and how life just went on after that. I thought the whole thing was brilliant.

  7. Weakest one of the season. This is the one I told my friends they could skip.

    The message is pretty weak, nothing happens for most of except Moriarty screaming at people, it’s just overall not an enjoyable episode for me.

  8. This was a bit boring to me. The message it had was something we’ve all been thinking for a few years now and there were absolutely no surprises in the whole episodes. Also, I miss the british feel of Black Mirror. Bringing Silicon Valley people in to this just felt unnecessary.

  9. I watched Striking Vipers first, but this episode really hit hard for me.

    People are saying the premise doesn’t make sense. I can sort of agree since what he’s up to really takes a lot of effort. But on the other hand, sometimes you just have to go with the premise of something. I mean, is it that far fetched he wants to speak to the owner of what “ruined” society for Chris?

    The scene where they swap cars is probably the most important one. First you see how Chris didn’t want this to be such a ha**le and it all just spiraled out of control. Second, his tantrum about phones was his motive to speak to Billy.

    I don’t think Chris is that bad of a person. Hence Jaden trying to help him in the end. Of course what he did was awful and you can’t excuse that. The ends don’t justify the means. But his intention was to speak out against something that ruined his life. Still his own fault, of course, that this happened. Nor did him speaking out really accomplish anything.

    I wish they said more about his absence from Social Media. Him not getting support from friends is only said once and it’s unsure whether that’s part of him losing his sanity. It does make me feel bad about the guy, though. Clearly just lost his mind for pretty valid reasons.

    Only a few weird things in this episode, like the sniper not lining up his shot from a different position. Why line up like that? Just move to the right and take a shot from there. That kinda bothered me, but it’s just a minor thing really.

    Andrew Scott really had an amazing performance. Mostly I just want to note that I had no idea Billy was Topher Grace. The amount of times I’ve seen That 70s Show. How did I not recognize him?

    I still have the third episode ahead of me. I doubt it’ll be as good as this one. This one was really good, up there with some of the best episodes Black Mirror has had.

  10. Rather than just talking about the episode, I feel like people getting butthurt and leaving mutiple comments on the episode order in Reddit is an indication of what this episode was about. Deep down inside we all in a way care about a simple “dog photo”.

    I really loved this episode and it was pretty well made. I teared up without even realizing and I feel like our smartphone and internet addiction have become so normal that we feel bad for minutes after watching such a story, and then go back to our phones sharing our stories and status updated about how the new episode of Black mirror about social media was amazing and how it resonated with us. Hypocrisy is deeply rooted in all of us.

  11. Am I the only one who hated this episode. I thought the entire premise of this was stupid. Yes I get what Chris was trying to do but it was such a stupid idea. And in the end people move on with their lives anyway nobody cared. I also found it hard to believe Chris was supposed to be an IT teacher yet he doesn’t understand how he was secretly recorded from his phone. Fantastic performance from Andrew Scott though

  12. This one was perhaps the best of the bunch, but unfortunately that’s not saying much. It certainly had that cla**ic *Black Mirror* vibe, but it felt like there was an idea–a theme, starting point, and climax–in mind, but fleshing it out (and especially the denouement) felt dull, paint-by-numbers.

  13. I found this to be quite boring. I also didn’t feel any sympathy for the character as his reasoning was weak. He said he could only blame himself but went through all that trouble to get Bauer on the phone anyway.

  14. Holy s**t that was good. Just good tv in general. No speculative tech and its implications. Just commenting on what we already have.

    I gotta say, I love the scene where everyone is in a joint call, and it’s perfectly clear what their priorities all are. The COO wants to limit liability to the company, and doesn’t want Billy to speak. The agent doesn’t want Billy to speak because who knows what letting some inexperienced person speak will do. And Billy wants to because he seems like a halfway decent guy, and why not give the hostage taker what he wants?

    And damn man. That end sequence where this entire situation was just a blip to everyone else…

    Also, way too many comments about episode order. Who gives a s**t? Talk about the ep

  15. This was cla**ic Black Mirror. Pre-Netflix stuff. The old charlie brooker hate against media and social media coming out

  16. My God… Andrew’s perfomance blew my mind. Superb acting.

    It was nice seeing something more realistic, the addictive social media, the connection between agencies, and even the company.

  17. Great episode.
    Shut Up and Dance from S3 has been one of my favorites, and Smithereens has a little same vibe.

  18. Are they doing the “different orders for different countries” s**t again?
    Like with Love, Death, Robots?
    Here in Italy this one is episode 2 with Striking Vipers as episode 1 and the one with Miley Cyrus as 3.

  19. Can’t wait for everyone to get all drama queen over the episodes when describing them like they’ve done for past seasons.

  20. That was the only very good episode and also most black mirrory. Although it does end on a wimper.

  21. My first episode was Striking Vipers. Netflix must be doing the switch up thing like they did with Love, Death and Robots

  22. I’ve never been a huge fan of Andrew Scott since Sherlock.
    But he nailed that one. Great performance

  23. Watched this one first. I’d honestly put it in my top 5 black mirror episodes. No AI being tortured, no consciousness transferring (don’t get me wrong, many of them are great), just humans dealing with modern technology and its implications.

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