Does any actor work more durable than Eric Roberts?

Does any actor work more durable than Eric Roberts? 4

Perusing IMDB after recognizing him in a flick, I landed on [Roberts’ page]( He has an astonishing 57 movies someplace between ‘introduced’ and ‘post-production’, accounting for 10.56% of his whole output as an actor. Does anyone prime this? Does anybody even come shut?




  1. I think that some Hong Kong actors from the past are on his level. Jackie Chan for example did tons of movies back in the days

    Edit: Ok, I correct my self, maybe not on his level. 540 movies/series…

  2. Still surprised he survived the #metoo wave.

    Also – he’s a raging piece of s**t. He’s not quite “working hard” as he just shoots one or two days on a ton of projects while trying to f**k everyone in the cast.

  3. I feel like you wouldn’t say that if you actually saw the quality of the work he puts into these movies. The man will literally take any script put in front of him and they’re often just walk-on roles.

  4. a mostly voice actor Steve Blum has 757 acting credits been in some pretty big titles.

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