Anyone else carry outdated stubs of their pockets? What you bought? Why?

Anyone else carry outdated stubs of their pockets? What you bought? Why? 4

Anyone else carry outdated stubs of their pockets? What you bought? Why?




  1. Heat paper or whatever its called blanches out after a week or 2 in the summer.

    Why do i keep them? I slip them into my wallet at the concession stand along with the all white receipts i keep in their that i clean out less than monthly.

  2. I throw them into a tin when I get home. I checked them not so long ago and the furthest back I could find was Jura**ic Park and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. There are hundreds in there. Sometimes I think of making a scrapbook and sticking them next to little printed posters for the film, but the ma**ive effort to “huh” ratio doesn’t seem worthwhile.

  3. I have from all the movies I have seen since 2012, sadly the print is getting dissolved and most aren’t readable 🙁

  4. There is one I wish I had kept, but still remember to this day. I took my younger sister to see Honey I Blew up the Kids. The stub said Honey I Blew U.

  5. I used to but they degrade and can be annoying to lose one. I’ve gone full digital and track movies on [Letterboxd]( and movies & tv on [](

  6. You mean to tell me you’ve somehow not lost any wallet containing that FE ticket for the past 22 years or what’s the story here?

  7. I have ticket stubs from as early as 2002 (my teen years) saved in a drawer at home.

    Any recommendation on how to keep them preserved? I have hundreds and thought about displaying them somehow. Maybe a table?

  8. I use the plastic binder sleeves meant for trading cards to store mine. I’ve got stubs dating back to 2013 and nearly all of them look perfect.

  9. I got a binder full of them, one of the oldest I have is Traffic – Jan 14th 2001.

    Cause I’m a film buff.

    [PrintFile]( – These keep them safe, but depends on the ticket size.

  10. Ronin because I went to see it with my dad and only front row seats were left. Those car chases.

    5th Element because 5th Element!

  11. I’ve gt two stubs from Avenger’s Endgame. Why?

    Because I took my son to go see it with me on his birthday. Stubs make a nice souvenir.

  12. I keep every ticket but in my Phone case I have 3 tickets for Endgame (yeah all mine) and one for Infinity War

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