I’m Disabled [The IT Crowd]

I'm Disabled [The IT Crowd] 4

I’m Disabled [The IT Crowd]




  1. This and the sea parks episode are my two favorites.

    >So he died. In a fire. At a sea parks!

  2. im on my 4th binge watch of the show and happened to watch that episode last night, love I.T. crowd! i like when jan see’s roy in the wheel chair and then turns to find moss manning the bar lol

  3. When he’s in the wheelchair riding the lift into the bus and just staring at the workers on the sidewalk. I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a TV show.

  4. I love how under any interview Chris O’Dowd does on YouTube…all the top comments are about this episode!

  5. This was a quality episode one of the best.
    Though I have to say the moment I understood the genius of the show was the Episode The Haunting of Bill Crouse.

  6. It’s really hard to pick a “best episode” of this series but honestly my favourite is “Are We Not Men” The look on Roy’s face as Moss kisses him is priceless.

  7. I used to worship this show and Father Ted, but ever since Graham Linehan turned into a monstrous bigot, it became difficult difficult to watch clips.

  8. This is probably the episode I would show someone who I wanted to introduce the show to. If not this maybe The Haunting of Bill Crouse or The Dinner Party. Just in case Hulu or Netflix take the show off, I just picked up the nice box set Amazon has with every episode including the special and a bunch of extras.

  9. This episode is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. Do yourself a favor and watch it crowd at least to this episode. It’s near the beginning of the show but if you’re not loving it by then I’ll give you your money back (a**uming you streamed it for free)

  10. probably my favourite single episode of television. genius comedy writing and acting. i laughed my a** off.

  11. Man if they ever did a special for this show, like a reunion episode or something like that, that would be the greatest thing ever.

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