Russian film critic turned the defendant

Russian film critic turned the defendant 4



BadComedian – russian youtuber, probably the most well-known film critic in russia. His works are impressed by Nostalgia Critic and The Spoony Experiment critiques.

6 months in the past he turned the defendant within the case of copyright infringement. A lawsuit was filed by ООО “Киноданц” (Kinodanz, llc). “Киноданц” also called “кинофэил” (“кино” – film, “фэил” – fail) due to all of their motion pictures failed.

He was accused of “extreme quoting” (not regulated by russian regulation) and “too humorous motion pictures criticism”.

Fun info:

All of “Киноданц” motion pictures was sponsored by russian Ministry Of Culture and russian authorities. According to rules of economic help of russian motion pictures the sponsorship was a bit unlawful.

“За гранью реальности” – the film for which BadComedian received a lawsuit – is about theft of european on line casino by europeans. No thought the place is russian tradition on this film 0_o



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