HBO’s Chernobyl is terrific simply don’t settle for it as the entire reality. Interview w…

HBO’s Chernobyl is terrific simply don’t settle for it as the entire reality. Interview w... 4

HBO’s Chernobyl is terrific simply don’t settle for it as the entire reality. Interview with Craig Mazin




  1. Relevant quote:

    “The thing about truth is, in its best version, it’s not narrativized, and it’s not viral. What you can do, though, is attract people to a truth through something that is narrative or viral, and then say, “In all honesty, what you have seen is sort of, kind of the truth. But look at all this other stuff.”

    That’s why I’m doing the companion podcast. The last thing I ever wanted to say to people was, “Now that you’ve watched this, you know the truth.” No, you don’t. You know some of the truth, and you know some of the stuff that’s been dramatized.

    For instance, Legasov was not in that courtroom. The truth is he was not there. But I can’t tell the story without him being there because nobody’s going to want to watch that. They know this guy; they want to hear from him. But it’s important, then, for me to go on the podcast and say, “Okay, but in reality, here’s the real truth-truth, which is not narratively interesting.” So in the context of what you’ve seen, you’re now interested in going further and getting more. And that stuff is not a story. That stuff is just truth.”

  2. Can we all take a second to appreciate the fact this show was written by the same guy who wrote a couple of the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise movies and ‘The Hangover’ remakes?

    Talk about a complete 180 in subject matter and style.

  3. This is the “problem” with docu-dramas. People need to understand that it is dramatized. I think this series did a great job balancing truth from somewhat fiction

  4. I think one interesting thing from the podcast was that Craig doesn’t seem to demonize or villainize Dyatlov the same way the show does. Not saying which is the “true” view but I found the contrast interesting.

  5. I think this show struck the appropriate balance between truth and narrative. If they really wanted to tell the truth in a clear-cut way, they would’ve made a high budget documentary but would’ve alienated the general public by going that route.

    But this way, so many more people are going to know about this incredible incident. Why? Because it’s damn good tv. I bet you 1 in 3 people who watched this series did *some* amount of googling about this event because of this series. I already talked to someone else about it who had no idea this incident existed before they watched this series, they had absolutely no clue and they were completely engrossed.

  6. I knew the female scientist was the usual made up stuff for equal footing. But they addressed it in the last episode and she did a credible no nonsense job.

    Also how any of you (knowing the inevitable) wanted to punch that muschacioed overseer when he kept saying he knew everything and to proceed.

  7. Thanks to Vox for letting me know that I haven’t been watching a documentary this past month.

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