‘Jeopardy!’ producer: ‘Appropriate’ motion deliberate in leak of James Holzhauer’s …

‘Jeopardy!’ producer: ‘Appropriate’ motion deliberate in leak of James Holzhauer’s ... 4

‘Jeopardy!’ producer: ‘Appropriate’ motion deliberate in leak of James Holzhauer’s loss




  1. This is the biggest no-no you can do dealing with syndicated television, especially with a show as big as Jeopardy. If the culprit was from a local station the station will:

    1. Probably be sued.

    2. 100% lose their broadcasting rights for Jeopardy.

    So I hope whoever did this it was worth it for them because they will never get a job in TV again.

  2. I was very irritated at how many spoilers were posted on social media long before the episode aired. What was even worse was that many of those spoilers came from big-name news outlets like CNBC. You would figure that those outlets would have enough ethical sense to not post a spoiler like that so far before said episode was set to broadcast.

  3. I really enjoyed watching James. I was off on leave for 2 months traveling Utah and California. Watched him first in a motel, and then in two motels later to see how he was doing. Every time I was showering my a** off and getting ready for the next trek, I was cheering his a** off and knew he was incredible. What smart mother f**ker…

  4. My (private tv torrent site) released a satellite backhaul of the episode on Saturday morning. For weeks, they were getting backhauls of James’ episodes. That is also how a user released this news on the jeopardy subreddit on Saturday. I was regular seeing episodes a day ahead of time. Major news outlets waited until Monday morning when it airs in a few markets to spoil news. Just like I already saw today’s episode last night to see if Emma wins her next game.

    There is nothing illegal about what happened here. Using a satellite to intercept their feed because it’s an unencrypted is all on them. Maybe change your method of distribution instead of punishing those who take advantage of it. By the way, the backhaul even had the title card with the date of recording (3/12/19) and the MXF file name on it

  5. I find this article extremely laughable because The Washington Post wrote an article about him losing about an hour before the program aired for me.

    Another journalist on Twitter said he was given the okay to post article that went out mid morning. Yes, James losing was leaked, but there were some of us that got spoiled by journalists who need to do better.

  6. Good. I didn’t bother to watch the episode. It would have been fun if I hadn’t known; once I knew, what was the point of watching. The fun had been spoiled.

  7. Every episode of Jeopardy leaks early every day (as does every popular syndicated show, at least I imagine it would?).

  8. In a sense he leaked it himself with the various charity mentions he made over the weekend. When I heard those I asked myself, “why now”? And an imminent loss was what came to mind

  9. Call me crazy, but I thought that the show itself was the leaker in order to maximize Monday’s rating because they knew there wouldn’t be James post Monday.

  10. Jeopardy producer leaks episode information to the public in an attempt to boost ratings. It worked as it was their most watched show in 14 years. Fixed the headline.

  11. It’s a gameshow. Are people really that interested that there’s a black market for footage?

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