I’m Actor/Director Seth Green and my movie Changeland is out at present. AMA let’s do …

I'm Actor/Director Seth Green and my movie Changeland is out at present. AMA let’s do ... 22

You’ve received questions? I’ve received solutions for the subsequent hour! My new film Changeland is out there TODAY in choose theaters, iTunes, Amazon, and OnDemand. More information at www.changelandmovie.com

I’m additionally doing dwell Q&A screening at Roxy Cinema in NY Friday @7pm & Music Hall in Beverly Hills @4:10pm on Sunday.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/w0skjrjsik231.jpg




  1. Hey Seth,

    I’ve always wondered how you managed to get so many big name guest stars on Robot Chicken. Was it all purely professional negotiation, or was there a lot of getting friends to spend an afternoon doing you a solid?

  2. Have you ever considered yourself a former “child star”? Why do you think you adapted to adult life so much better than many other people who entered Hollywood as children?

  3. It’s been 20+ years since Can’t Hardly Wait was released. Any fond memories come to mind when you think about that movie?

  4. Did you enjoy your time voicing Joker for the Ma** Effect series? Any interesting stories or any tidbits about the creation of that character you can tell us about? Or how you got involved?

  5. You’ve done so much in your career it’s hard to say which role is your most iconic but for me if was stoic but dorky Oz. Have you heard anything about how is character grew in the canonical comics? If so what is your opinion of Oz now? (If you haven’t heard he’s off living a Sherpa style life with a wife and kids in the mountains)

  6. I loved you and Macaulay in Party Monster. Did either of you hear from Michael Alig about the film after he was released from prison?

  7. When are we going to see the long awaited sequel to [Airborne](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106233/)?

  8. Would you be a part of The Orville if Seth Macfarlane asked you to?

    Also, where’s my Scott Evil movie?

  9. What was it like doing Rat Race and Knockaround Guys in the same year? Rat Race was this manic comedy set to 11 and Knockaround Guys was this low, slow burn neo noir.

  10. — How did you get involved with Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and can you talk about what that experience was like.

    — will you tell me I’m OK, Patrick?

  11. Changeland looks great, and a definite switch from your norm 😀 No question from me, just a huge fan!

  12. Will you have a cameo in Scoob (2020)? What was it like working on the earlier Scooby Doo movie? Why did no-one realise Scooby was a dog after he put a shirt on?

  13. Your role in Rat Race nearly killed me when I was a kid. The scene with the radio tower had me laughing so hard I couldnt breathe. Thank you for that 🙂

  14. How was it playing Bowie on the new Netflix Historical Roasts? Do you still talk with Alyson Hannigan years after being an on screen couple?

  15. Any idea if Star Wars Detours will end up on the Disney Plus streaming service? I have my fingers crossed!!

  16. It’s obvious you love puppets, in Idle Hand, did you have anything to do with the killer puppet (when the hand is in the puppet) at the end of the movie?

  17. Hey Seth, I hope I’m not too late for this but; I’m curious, will you ever release a complete (100% entire) box set of Robot Chicken? My wallet cries at the aspect of buying it, but it’s going to have to deal with it because I want/need a complete blu-ray collection.

    Also; have you ever considered reviving Austin Powers with Scott Evil being an actually capable villain?

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