‘Dead to Me’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

'Dead to Me' Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix 4

‘Dead to Me’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix




  1. Hell yeah, I’m pumped. I mean, there was no doubt in my mind it would get a second season but it’s still wonderful to hear.

  2. I get that new seasons is the nature of the beast, but I feel like Netflix more than any other network, creates these shows that are really solid and then have such an absurd and sudden cliff hanger that it just dissolved any interest in the follow up. Like, the woman’s relationship amidst the deceit was what was truly interesting—then they have a really thoughtful was of addressing it. The show would’ve been so much better if they just took one more episode to meaningfully addresses this development and then ended. Instead, there isn’t enough left to be addressed that it feels like it needs a whole season, and I couldn’t care less about the new stupid development. It’s like all their shows jump the shark in the last 2 minutes of the season.

  3. I got really excited that it was Dead LIKE Me, then I remembered that show had more than one season.

  4. How is the show? The premise does sound a bit depressing which is the reason I keep avoiding it since most of the shows I watch right now are already gloomy and I don’t feel like I can handle another.

  5. Hopefully they can keep the story going well. Wouldn’t have minded if they took out the last two minutes and ended it as a mini series

  6. Great show, great news. I just hope they have a plan to wrap it up by season three since that’s all Netflix seems to be willing to give any new shows.

  7. Our favorite thing about this show is the recurring jokes and the great acting. The story is pretty great too, how it keeps unfolding and every time you think you know more, something is revealed that changes your opinion.

  8. This show gets more hype than it deserves, IMHO. It’s not bad. It’s just throw away TV. Not very funny. Not very dark. Not very great dialogue. I mean, it’s not terrible. And they do great at ending on a cliffhanger every episode. And the episodes are short, so you do want to watch another to find out the answer to the cliffhanger. But, I really feel like that’s all it has going for it. Short episodes, combined with cliffhangers.

  9. This will be one of those”oh s**t didn’t we watch season 1” type revelations while flipping through and seeing the new season.

  10. Netflix might as well have just announced “‘Dead to Me’ Renewed for a final 2 seasons at Netflix”

    Season 1 was a fun binge though.

  11. I keep seeing this as Dead Like Me renewed and I get excited, but then I stay excited because Dead To Me was also fantastic.

  12. I do want to see more but it seems like there is a very obvious correct course of action to take in the face of that ending but the two leads will do the opposite to keep the tension going.

  13. I don’t even start watching Netflix productions that don’t have 4 seasons yet. Gonna get canceled in season 3 anyway even if its brilliant.

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