Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct ‘Shazam!’ Spin-Off ‘Black Adam’

Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct 'Shazam!' Spin-Off 'Black Adam' 4

Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct ‘Shazam!’ Spin-Off ‘Black Adam’




  1. Variety put out the first [report about 10 minutes ago](https://variety.com/2019/film/news/jaume-collet-serra-black-adam-dwayne-johnson-1203138975/) but said he was in negotiations. Looks like Hollywood Reporter is now confirming that he’s signed on.

    He just finished shooting Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson so they’ll be reuniting right away.

    He’s a decent/safe choice I guess but his output so far has been pretty meh, with The Commuter, Orphan, Non-Stop, Unknown. Consistent, nothing terrible. He’s become the go-to Liam Neeson director. The Shallows was solid though.

  2. I’ve pretty much just been a**uming that he’d team up with Brad Peyton again, so basically anyone is a huge improvement over that.

    Jaume Collet-Serra is a kinda fun pick. I think he’s been weirdly overhyped in some circles with the whole vulgar auteur thing, but he’s a good genre director who works well with movie stars and he’s got a knack for adding some style to the kind of disposable, poorly-written studio movies that are usually completely anonymous.

    Plus The Shallows was so much better (and way less “let’s just ogle Blake Lively for 90 minutes”) than anyone was expecting. More movies should have bird sidekicks!

  3. Collet-Serra had such a fascinating career going before getting sucked into these two Johnson movies

  4. I’m excited for the inevitable Zachary Levi/Dwayne Johnson face off. I’d kill to see the two of them bro out on set together.

  5. Wasn’t Shazam a spin off of Black Adam, and not the other way around? BA was supposed to release first and then WB chose to go with a Shazam stand alone.

  6. I’ve liked Collet-Serra ever since Goal II, he made the film a lot more interesting than it should have been.

  7. Looking at his rotten tomatoes page, majority of his films weren’t well received by critics.

  8. “Jaume Collet-Serra, who just wrapped shooting Johnson in Disney’s Jungle Cruise,…”


  9. I thought Shazam was just okay, so I’m not real hopeful that Black Adam will be any better, given the director choice.

  10. I can’t even imagine a Black Adam Played by Dwayne Johnson ever mingling with Zachary Levi’s Shazam. It would look so out of place. Dwayne Johnson legit looks like black Adam and I’m sure would look very menacing/threatening if the makeup and suit is done well. Levi looks like a *parody* of Shazam, like I like the guy but he looks like an absolute goober and the overly padded, cheap looking suit with a f**king LED light in the chest symbol doesn’t help either.

    Even the tone of the Shazam movie wouldn’t mesh well with Black Adam at all. The movie could pa** as a Disney channel original movie, it was so childish/kiddy, the cinematography was awful and EVERYTHING looked cheap as f**k.

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