Good Eats: The Return premiering Sunday, August 25th on The Food Network

Good Eats: The Return premiering Sunday, August 25th on The Food Network 4

Good Eats: The Return premiering Sunday, August 25th on The Food Network




  1. This show is THE reason I ended up getting a degree in Food Science. Welcome back, Alton. We’ve missed you

  2. I know it will never happen, but I would love to see the complete original series remastered and released on Blu-Ray.

  3. Awesome! I watched all of Good Eats Reloaded, and that was my first real exposure to Good Eats. Since then, I’ve been going through the original, and I’m loving it. I’ll almost certainly be done with GE before August, so this will flow along pretty well.

  4. I am so excited for this! Good Eats used to be my go-to show when I couldn’t sleep. I’d pop it on and let Alton Brown explain the molecular structure of yeast until I conked.

  5. I hope the first episode references Twin Peaks: The Return with Alton being Agent Cooper, desperately trying to get out of the black lodge back to the kitchen

  6. Too late, I cancelled cable after they relegated actual cooking shows to weekend mornings and pushed shows like “Sweet Genius”. No f**king thank you.

  7. Alton Brown is my boy. Looking forward to seeing this show. I purchased one of his cookbooks the other day and it’s alright

  8. Alton once gave me a hat in exchange for beer. They made a video of it, I still consider it one of my greatest achievements.

  9. Few random facts:

    * He’s been the most popular host on nearly every real cooking show Food Network has: Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef Gauntlet.
    * He also came up with a number of those ideas and pushed for them.
    * Alton also vetted for Jet Tila to be a co-host and encouraged him to write
    * Nearly every other show isn’t about teaching out learning (even iron chef has gone downhill because of the video editing and how it goes from ingredients to end product without the many steps in-between)
    * At Food Network’s HQ they have a large picture of the star from their most popular show. It’s almost always Alton and he hates seeing a big photo of himself
    * Alton said he would never do Good Eats again because every episode had to use a different filming technique. This drew his film crew and it pushed himself darker and deeper than he every wants to again.
    * Quite a few years after he struggled to get started on a short YouTube series because of this
    * Food Network most likely pushed him to make this, because it was popular. Be wary of the number of ads vs random things they teach compared to the early show

  10. I started cooking my scrambled eggs the way he cooks them in one episode. It was like i have been living a lie my entire life

  11. I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with Good Eats at all, but I absolutely love Alton Brown from his YouTube videos and Cutthroat Kitchen episodes. Can someone please explain the general premise of it for me? The article was pretty vague.

  12. I heard he’s not a nice guy. Kinda ruined the show for me to find out he wasn’t pretending to be a dick.

  13. Good Eats was by far one of my favorite shows growing up. Alton knows the perfect blend of knowledge, fun, and skill to make almost any episode interesting!

    Hopefully the new season doesn’t stray too far from the previous

  14. I only knew him from Iron Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen. Recently got the Cooking Channel in Canada and found Good Eats. Old episodes from like 10 years ago hold up and are super educational even now. Look forward to new episodes of this awesome show.

  15. Thanks be to God. Alton as the Cutthroat Kitchen Guy made me sick to my stomach. He taught in a fun and friendly way about food. CK made him into a dick, and that really crushed him for me. Maybe this time it’s more about the Why and How, and less about shoving skits and props into the narrative. I wonder how much of CK and ICA impacted him personally, and which one (CK or Good Eats) is the Real Alton. Based on his live show and audience interactions we had with him there – my fear is that it’s more CK than GE. Did anyone else have that same interaction and thought?

  16. I’m sorry but I have no faith. It will just turn into Good Eats: Showdown!!! eventually.

  17. > With playful production design, witty commentary from the host, and a no-nonsense approach to home cooking

    I know what they mean, but it still sounds contradictory.

  18. i have downloaded every season of good eats. i used to proclaim it “the best in show of television.” then i saw alton brown on ‘hot ones’ on youtube, and he became instantly unlikeable. anyone else see this particular ‘hot ones?’ and if so, did alton brown come across as douchey to you as i think he did?

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