Director Hal Ashby (‘Harold and Maude’) started engaged on Western-Thriller ‘Hawkl…

Director Hal Ashby ('Harold and Maude') started engaged on Western-Thriller 'Hawkl... 4

Director Hal Ashby (‘Harold and Maude’) started engaged on Western-Thriller ‘Hawkline Monster’ in 1975 with Jack Nicholson & Dustin Hoffman however it was by no means made. It’s now going again into manufacturing. About two gunmen employed to kill a monster that lives in ice caves beneath the basement of a home.




  1. > The book, first published in 1974, tells of two unlikely hero gunslingers hired by a 15-year-old girl named Magic Child to kill the monster that lives in ice caves under the basement of a house inhabited by a young woman named Miss Hawkline. What follows is a unique adventure where there is more to Magic Child, Miss Hawkline and the house than meets the eye.

    At one point, Clint Eastwood was supposed to star along with Jack Nicholson. Another version had Jeff & Beau Bridges as the leads.

    After that, Tim Burton became attached to direct the project. The producers of It, Pet Semetary, and Gla** are now attached to this one.

  2. I’ve read the Richard Brautigan novel, and can 100% confirm that it is *certifiable*. I really don’t know how exactly you’d describe it; Edward Gorey’s *Blood Meridian* might just about come close. God only knows who, nowadays, would be the right candidate for the job of filming it – probably only David Lynch or Guy Maddin really qualify.

  3. Okay that sounds pretty fun

    How about RDJ and Jeremy Renner for the two leads? Or RDJ and Jack Nicholson? Lol

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