If you might be lacking Chernobyl already take a look at The Looming Tower

If you might be lacking Chernobyl already take a look at The Looming Tower 4

*The Looming Tower* was a Hulu collection final 12 months in regards to the hunt for al Qaida within the lead as much as 9/11 following the small process FBI taskforce who regularly brushed up and was opposed by a rival CIA group with in the end tragic outcomes. Jeff Daniels performs the true life lead of the FBI squad John O’Neill, who’s brash persona and different character flaws put him and his investigators in battle with competing pursuits whilst they hit scorching spots across the Middle East and Europe attempting to observe the clues left behind by al Qaida. It’s half *Homeland*, half political drama with a wonderful forged together with Peter Skaarsgard, Alec Baldwin, Tahar Rahim, Wren Schmidt and Michael Stuhlbarg.

Here is the [trailer](https://global.penguinrandomhouse.com/announcements/watch-the-trailer-for-tv-adaptation-of-the-looming-tower-hulu-original-series-debuts-tonight/) and hyperlink to the e book it was primarily based on.




  1. Thx, it’s been in my queue for a while, will check it out.

    Chernobyl is a very tough show to follow though

  2. I could’ve done without the many Jeff Daniels s*x scenes but other than that it was pretty decent.

  3. The Looming Tower was great. It did gloss over a number of screwed up thing O’Neil did. He deserved to get fired.

  4. It’s not “television” per se, it’s a television movie… but would ‘Citizen X’ be a good reference to watch in relation to Chernobyl?

    It’s about the most prolific serial killer in Soviet history (if not all time) and the failures of the Soviet state in capturing said serial killer, although they did catch him later on. His name was Andrei Chikatilo

  5. It was pretty bad, I thought. Weirdly focused on the s*xual escapades of Jeff Daniels and his partner.

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