Kermode’s newest rant: Godzilla King of the Monsters

Kermode's newest rant: Godzilla King of the Monsters 4

Kermode’s newest rant: Godzilla King of the Monsters




  1. I actually really enjoyed the film, but James Rolfe said something I agree with:

    Kaiju films are largely aobut destroying buildings and seeing people affected by the devastation, yet almost every fight in this movie was either in the ocean, in the arctic, or in an already devastated city.

    That’s the one thing 2014 did best, giving us a believable perspective of city-wide destruction from the perspective of normal people as it happened.

  2. I feel he was being *slightly* too harsh (there are a few beautiful shots in the film), but I can’t really disagree otherwise. The lack of weight behind everything is probably what surprised me the most. *”Wet Transformers”* is perfect.

  3. oh no 🙁
    i was really looking forward to this, i enjoyed the first one a lot.
    i’ll still check it out i guess!

  4. As a big fan of Bayformers, I’m just having the best time seeing you guys melt down just cause critics trashed something you really liked.

  5. People keep saying “well the action is good why do you expect anything else from a Godzilla movie” and to that I say that it’s unacceptable to sit through an hour and a half of dreadful human drama just to enjoy 15 minutes of pretty explosions.

    The humans don’t even reach the level of *campy* entertainment. They’re just boring. At least Pacific Rim had fun human drama.

  6. this movie was a slap in the face to the care that was put into the creatures in Godzilla 2014 and Skull Island. nothing had impact and thats unacceptable in a kaiju movie.

  7. 90% of the time, I’m on the side of the critics when it comes to these big dumb blockbuster movies. In fact, I often feel they aren’t harsh enough on a lot of the s**t that get shuffled around every summer.

    Not this time. This movie hit me right in the sweet spot. I see the flaws, but I don’t care. I had a great time.

    So Kermode, who is probably my favorite critic working today, can take his ridiculous old man pompadour and go f**k himself on this deal.

  8. Go see it everyone. there’s a fair balance of monster fights and human story. Don’t get swayed by reviewers or critics. Form your own opinion on it by seeing it on the biggest screen possible!

  9. He’s right about Godzilla 2014, the movie had it’s problems, but there was a scale and spectacle about that movie that I loved.

    I still want to see this movie tho…

  10. The most important part of a movie (or food or book or whatever) reviewer is finding one whose views align with yours.

    I don’t align with Mark Kermode at all. I don’t care about character coherence or dialogue in a Godzilla movie. And he says the fights have no avail? That makes no sense. Some of the titans kill other titans. That’s pretty avail to me. The whole review just rubs me the wrong way. It’s like saying a 5-minute chicken McNugget dinner is crap compared to a 2-hour wagyu steak one. I mean, yeah, it is, but sometimes I still just wanna chow down on some nuggets, dammit. I think most movies he likes are super boring; maybe they’re great high art, but I don’t want to watch them.

    I do align with MovieBob, whose take on this movie is, “Fuck yeah! This is what I’ve always wanted since I was a kid! Screw the plot and dialogue; I just wanna watch giant monsters fight!” His review here:

  11. My entire theatre was applauding after the movie ended, I hope it was because they were happy about leaving. Man this movie was awful, the worst movie ive seen in 2019.

  12. Cant have Kermode, he is just so far removed from what actual people think of movies its insane.

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