First reactions to Toy Story four are coming.

First reactions to Toy Story four are coming. 4

“#ToyStoryfour is one other improbable entry within the sequence & the one installment that feels most like an journey film. With themes of exhausting goodbyes, second probabilities & discovering your manner house, it’s packed w/ ma**ive stomach laughs, however I additionally cried tougher right here than I’ve for any of the others”

Remember the director stated the trailers confirmed completely nothing. Can’t freaking wait.




  1. “I was made to help a child…I don’t remember it being this hard.”

    *God only knows what I’d be withouuut you*

  2. Early twitter reactions of Toy Story 4 include:

    “This is the best movie in the DCEU thus far, and a sure sign that it’s finally worth watching”


    “It’s the best X-Men movie to date”

  3. I was able to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie at Disney a week ago and I thought it was fantastic, it had similar emotional vibes as toy story three and did feel like an adventure movie. I felt that it won’t be as good as toy story three but will still be a great movie.

  4. First reactions are wholly lip service to the film. Not saying its going to be a bad movie but all the blurbs often feel forced and owed since these people got to see it early. I think of Crimes of Grindlewald, where the prescreening were very positive until later the reviews started coming out and rightly criticized the film.
    Just wait for the actual reviews. Or just go see it.

  5. > With themes of hard goodbyes, second chances & finding your way home

    … so it’ll be about the same thing for 3 films in a row?

  6. Seems darker and older than the first two. My four year old loves Toy Story and we want to take him to his first movie, but all the trailers make it look heavy, not fun.

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