‘Uncharted’ Live-Action Video Game Adaptation Sets December 18th, 2020 Release D…

‘Uncharted’ Live-Action Video Game Adaptation Sets December 18th, 2020 Release D... 22

‘Uncharted’ Live-Action Video Game Adaptation Sets December 18th, 2020 Release Date; Tom Holland is enjoying Nathan Drake for director Dan Trachtenberg




  1. And 2019’s award for “This actor is suddenly in EVERYTHING” is: Tom Holland. Tom, enjoy the paychecks, and don’t buy drugs, please.

  2. No Nathan Fillion? Well, at least we will always have the best [Uncharted Fan Film](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74) ever.

  3. This has to be the shittiest idea and casting ever. Not only does Holland not fit the role of drake at any age in any way, it’s also a fucking dumb idea to make the movie about a young Nate. We all know all of his significant adventures happened in his adult years, no one wants to see him as a kid.

  4. If you’ve played all 4 you know this is the last series that needs a film adaption. I was practically in tears by the end of 4. That’s how amazing the motion capture acting has become, the story, the characters and their personality. It’s already better in the cutscenes than 98% of the trash Hollywood makes. Why bother.

  5. It being a prequel means no Elena ( Sabrina Carpenter would be a perfect cast as Elena), which sucks. We should still get Sully though and maybe even Chloe.

  6. Now we know why Nathan always able to grab the ledges in impossible situations with superhuman stamina because he is spiderman.

  7. Man at least age up Nathan Fillion and have him telling his daughter a story that flashes to young Nate. Fillion is Nate!

  8. He looks like Young Nathan drake from Uncharted 3 imo, I think an early adventure with him and Sully would be great. I would’ve preferred an adult casting of Nathan Fillion because I love him, but I’m excited to see how this turns out. Hoping it’s not another tomb raider

  9. No offense, Tom Holland will probably be great in this movie and is a very talented actor. But he looks nothing at all like Nathan Drake.

  10. All the director has done that’s good is Cloverfield Lane…

    That was a small closed set…. now they’re giving him this? I know studio’s choose these new guys to control them but Jesus Christ, this is film destined/doomed to be average…