Chernobyl Scene – “We’re asking in your permission to kill three males.”

Chernobyl Scene - "We're asking in your permission to kill three males." 4

Chernobyl Scene – “We’re asking in your permission to kill three males.”




  1. I’ve just looked at Craig Mazin’s writing credits, Chernobyl really came out of nowhere!

  2. In my opinion, the show skipped one horrifying detail and missed an opportunity of depicting the May Day demonstration in Kiev. It was a tradition in Soviet Union to “volunteer” all workers to march in May Day demonstrations for a few hours, kind of like this:



    So imagine tens of thousands of people marching through the streets of Kiev just a few days after the disaster, under the radioactive clouds, because it would have been unthinkable for the government to cancel it.

  3. Welp….this not only has me extremely interested but also extremely terrified. Cant wait to watch all of it.

  4. I worked in the FSU for a number of years in the mid ’90’s with people that had previously worked with some of the drilling crews that worked at Chernobyl.

    They knew they were going to die by doing the work that they were doing, but did it because someone had to, the Soviet Union and because their families were going to be well looked after.

    They spent 4hrs a day working in their area and the rest of the time doing decontamination and getting black out drunk.

    All but one of them were dead within 6 months. The last guy survived 2yrs. This is only out of the subset group of people they knew.

    How much truth there was to the stories I was told I have no idea, but I knew the people that told me this for several years before they mentioned it.

  5. This show is like a slow motion horror film, on a scale that just defies imagination. And I watched every episode like two or three times, and I don’t even like horror films. This is crafted expertly. Watching how the authority system keeps trying to avoid the reality at nearly every level, and then how they keep having to make huge sacrifices to avoid the looming disaster that follows the explosion, all the while clinging to this false narrative is just amazing television. It’s exposition, but damn what exposition.

    This scene was just gripping.

  6. Fun fact, The plant continued to operate until 2000.

  7. The problem people had when working around Chernobyl power station was the lack of T60 power armour.

  8. I love that Gorbachev comes into the meeting bitching about global public perception. Trying to relay the importance of public standing. Then as he starts to learn what will happen just slowly sinks ever so slightly in his seat. Fucking awesome

  9. Obviously the thermal explosion spreading the rest of the reactors’ radioactive material across the lands would be awful, but man that would be an interesting sight to see from something like the ISS, a huge gaping uninhabitable brown across the globe from space. Granted it may have set back the ISS a few years….

  10. This mini series will probably make any contest for the golden globes or Emmys in its category obsolete.

    If anything does beat it, may be an obligatory watch just to compare.

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