The Sopranos – Furio’s Rampage

The Sopranos - Furio’s Rampage 4

The Sopranos – Furio’s Rampage




  1. I love how he’s this introduced as this guy who is this suave 200 pounds of All-Naples muscle and for the rest of his run on the series he’s mostly just awkwardly fawning over Carmela. I think the only violent confrontation he gets involved in is the Columbus Day counterprotest

  2. I always thought it was funny that after he smashes the glass door with the bat in the beginning (around 0:56 in the video), he hits around the sides of the door to get the extra glass….but there’s absolutely no glass there at all lmao.

  3. A lot of people are off-put by how Furio’s arc ends and want to stop watching The Sopranos. All I have to say to that is DON’T STOP

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