The Twilight Zone reboot’s first season was let down by its endings

The Twilight Zone reboot's first season was let down by its endings 4

The Twilight Zone reboot’s first season was let down by its endings




  1. At 50 mins length of an average episode, the shows episodes are too damn long. By the time the end arrives they have drained as much as they can from the premise to give you a decent ending.

  2. > Perhaps it’s unfair to expect The Twilight Zone to be providing iconic endings on the level of “it’s a cookbook!” so soon. But even the very first episode of the original series, “Where is Everybody?” demonstrated the show’s unrivaled ability to tie a story up with an unpredictable ending that explains just the right amount and makes the entire story more meaningful.

    > The Twilight Zone reboot in 10 episodes has yet to replicate that feeling even once. Before the series’ next stop, even if it’s unwilling to cut back on the brutally long run times, constructing more memorable closing scenes would go a long way toward making it as timeless as infinity.

  3. Big fan of the original which I still watch.

    Only finished the first episode of this series and man did it just drag on. That concept was *not* interesting enough for an entire episode.

  4. The “first” ending of the Adam Scott episode was fantastic. “Oh….*he’s* the pilot.”

    Then they added that scene on the island and that was lame.

  5. This is probably accurate. Of the ten episodes in this season, there were really only three that I felt were worth me recommending to other people. Of those three, one had a terrible ending, one had a surprisingly good ending, and one had an ending that would have been good if it made any sense.

  6. Found it way to inconsistent. One episode would be great, while the next 3 were hilariously ‘woke af’. That being said, I hope they get a second season and chill the fuck out, focus on good scifi instead of pushing a narrative.

  7. I gotta be honest, the first episode was such a slog that it was tough to sit it out to the ending, and then the ending was bland and predictable. It should have been a 15 minute vignette, not an hour long monolith.

    I haven’t been able to muster the interest to watch another episode yet

  8. Turns out Jordan Peele was the next M. Night Shyamalan and not the next Rod Serling. Lesson learned.

  9. I was impressed by 3 episodes. My favorite was the updated “terror at 30,000 feet” since it’s an engaging thriller with a lot of paranoia that kept me on edge. I don’t think any of the endings really landed for me since the original was always campy or predictable to today’s standards of “man is evil”, “this dude is actually the devil”, “It was aliens”, or “this moral of love being strong”. I think it would be better if the new Twilight zone didn’t try to do any twist endings and just reach it’s logical conclusion of each episode instead of trying to build the episode around a twist or moral. The 80s reboot was pretty interesting in that it always ended with a terrifying implication than a twist or moral.

  10. The Twilight Zone reboot’s first season was let down by trying SO HARD to “woke”, instead of writing interesting TV. The “Blurryman” episode was burrowing up its own ass so far that it met itself and meta-burrowed up it’s own meta-ass.

  11. I love how they keep trying to make Twilight Zone happen – it would work in less insane world but alas most of us already feel like we are living in the twilight zone and don’t need to watch a poorly made reboot

  12. as soon as i heard the first episode sucked with Kumail bitch voice i avoided it like the plague

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