Netflix casually simply dropped one in all their finest restricted sequence I’ve ever seen, “…

Netflix casually simply dropped one in all their finest restricted sequence I've ever seen, "... 22

Netflix casually simply dropped one in all their finest restricted sequence I’ve ever seen. If you need to have a peaceable, stress-free, stress-free day…DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. The route and cinematography is nice and the PERFORMANCES..superb. I extremely advocate this. It’s a heartbreaking arduous watch, however a must-see. It’s solely 4 episodes lengthy.




  1. I went to high school with one of the five. It still kills me how much of his life he lost in prison. Mind boggling.

  2. How are officials not punished for their gross negligence? They should be culpable for their mistakes as much as any denizen. The United States needs to drastically alter its judicial system.

  3. I couldn’t get through the first episode. Not because it wasn’t good but because I literally couldn’t handle knowing how wrong it all goes.

  4. Loved the series. Last episode was brutal the actor that played Korey is destined for great things.

    The only part that wasn’t clear to me was Raymond’s story. So he went back for drug charges? Was he still freed from the exoneration or did he continue serving since it was a separate crime?

  5. This series is powerful and also difficult to watch. However, it feels necessary as well. Highly recommend.

  6. I just finished this actually. Extremely good. I didn’t know much about the case besides that they were later found innocent. The whole situation is fucked.

    Honestly, that story was scarier than any horror story i’ve ever seen.

  7. I noticed in the trailer that Michael K Williams is in this and was super stoked! I loved him in The Wire. He’s an amazing actor and I can’t wait to watch him in this.

  8. Just watched this in the past week. Excellent. This is the type of television I’d like to see more of. It’s actually meaningful.

  9. And of course after these kids were exonerated, Trump insists they were guilty even when DNA evidence proves they were innocent.

  10. Ugh this case just reminds me that the same Donald Trump that took out full-page advertisements in 4 major newspapers calling for the death penalty for these teens during this debacle (which further inflamed public opinion) is the same Donald Trump that is currently our president and who in 2016 declared that the Central Park Five were guilty and stated that their convictions should never have been vacated. Trump told CNN: “They admitted they were guilty. The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty. The fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. And the woman, so badly injured, will never be the same.”

    Problem is, how do we have a discussion about what he did in this case without it being called political?

  11. Gotta take a break from from this thread…too many ppl clutching to the “but they’re not exactly innocent” narrative to admit they were completely wronged and falsely accused smh it’s honestly disheartening there are so many ppl incapable of empathy in our country.

  12. Man this show really hit me hard. I couldn’t watch the whole thing but thought it was surely exaggerated. Looked up the case it was based on and it actually was as terrible as the show makes it out to be. Maybe before as a outsider I just didn’t comprehend the scale of the racial problems in the USA but this show really put things in perspective for me. Definitely worth watching for those who haven’t.

  13. I know people give Ava DuVernay a lot of shit for A Wrinkle in Time, but I think she’s a great writer/director. I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve watched of hers. She’s a very talented storyteller.

  14. This comes to show how evil this world is and how evil the system is. This happens all the time. People I know get wrongly convicted friends and family and after watching this I can tell you on the first episode I hit every door in my house.

    Trump wanted to put the death penalty on kids. F#%KING KIDS. I don’t believe in the “justice system” I am not saying all police are bad some have saved me and to those who are good I thank you so much for all you do. But those twisted, evil, vile police and law enforcement. I wish you could experience the pain you put people like these five through.

    My family went through something close to this and it pains me to see that it actually happens in this world. I am relieved that it had some what of a happy ending for the five. But the real criminals in this case was the law. Shame just shame

  15. Off topic but I hate the use of “dropped” to mean released new content. I keep thinking people mean they cut it from their lineup.

  16. I found this

  17. The episode following Korey was so hard to watch. The actor Jharrel Jerome did an amazing job. I felt so bad for him.

  18. I started this while getting ready for work yesterday and was literally crying within the first 30 minutes. It’s insanely upsetting and I can’t believe it’s a real fucking thing that happened. A must watch really.

  19. A certain president even took out a full page to condemn them. Spoiler alert: the kids innocent, proven by DNA. Some people aren’t able to admit their mistakes though and dig in..

  20. Was the show predominantly dark to anyone else? I mean visually…I thought my TV settings had changed but nope, but a dark program. Or my TV is going out.

  21. By “dropped”, I thought you meant canceled. I was disappointed, then I read the post and now I’m appointed.

  22. I started it yesterday and it was really good. Very captivating if you’re in the mood…which I wasn’t. Lol. But it was definitely good.

  23. I would like to see a story about Trisha Meili. She is a true survivor. When she was found a policeman said he had never seen someone beat so severely. She was given last rites and was not expected to live. She was in a coma for 12 days. She lost 75% of her blood, her skull and face were fractured so badly that her eye was out of it’s socket, she also had severe brain damage. When she woke up she could not talk, walk, or read. She received long term care and rehab for 6 months. Two months later she returned to work and recovered. She still has problems with balance and her eye sight. I saw her on 20/20 and she is remarkable. She is now an inspirational speaker and helps victims of sexual assault and brain injury.


    I wish all the parties responsible were brought to justice. The person who confessed and whose DNA matched was never charged. The statute of limitation expired. He said he acted alone but there was evidence at the crime scene indicating that there was at least one more person present.

  24. Holy shit stop using dropped for release. In movies and shows “drop” usually means cancelled, fucks sake.

  25. Just thought it was relevant to point out that Trump took out a full page ad calling for the execution of Central Park Five, and then when he was told that they were exonerated, he said they should be executed anyway, because look at them. They had to have done something.

    I wonder which of their traits jumped out at him..

  26. it’s so unbelievably well-made, the acting is simply impeccable , but man i’m only at the end of ep02 and i can’t but pause it ever so often. it’s just so heartbreaking, holy fuck. i already teared up a little and i’m nowhere near the end :/

  27. Man these people weren’t kidding when they said its hard to watch. 20 minutes in and its pretty fucken disgusting the amount of racism in this case. (I don’t know anything about this story). But I can’t help but feel a terrible outcome for this which makes it even harder. I thought I could handle this but maybe not.