An HBO Question Is Giving AT&T Executives a Headache

An HBO Question Is Giving AT&T Executives a Headache 4

An HBO Question Is Giving AT&T Executives a Headache




  1. Ultimately I think their price level will be largely irrelevant, as long as it’s in the same ballpark as everyone else ($10~$15). Everyone trying to grab a slice of the streaming pie is going to ruin it. I think people are willing to pay for one or two monthly subscriptions, but very few will pay for Netflix, Hulu, Disney, ATT/WB/HBO and Amazon. Either people will rotate through services to watch the new content they watch, or more likely [piracy is going to make a comeback](

    I think the strongest contender in that new environment is going to be Amazon since their content subscription is ~~tide~~ tied to a valuable separate service in Prime (really a whole bundle of services) and they offer a substantial discount for paying by the year. I wouldn’t be surprised to other services follow with discounts on a year’s subscription. I know I would pay $100 for a year of Netflix.

  2. Anyone who understands these industries, can we get an ELI5?

    Is a “creative coldwar” dramatic or accurate? Because to me, it seems like we’re only getting better and better shows coming, despite this revolution of streaming moves being made by different monoliths.

    Also, just my two cents but, a streaming bill as large as a cable bill is still miles better than the cable bill used to be. People always say “we’ll just be back to square one!” but the truth is that everything is so much easier with streaming services than it ever was for cable, even if we end up paying the same price.

    I mean, plus it’s easier to just cancel certain services if you’re done with anything on them. Or just pay one price for one month if you want to check out just one thing on another. Most people won’t have or necessarily even want all of them, anyway.

  3. I definitely agree with HBO’s outlook on their customer base. It’s a curated “prestige” TV experience. It’s the only streaming service I pay for year round, because in addition to their insane back-catalog, they produce 10+ great new show throughout the year without fail. Their hit rate is unreal. However, I have plenty of friends who only subscribed for GOT, and have no interest in absolutely genius works like Barry, Big Little Lies, Chernobyl, The Young Pope, etc. Which is fine, to each his/her own, but that just shows that HBO is never going to be able to compete with Netflix and Hulu. I understand why they wouldn’t want to bloat HBO with all the Warner content, but they better at least bundle the Warner service with HBO otherwise I’m not paying for it.

  4. The article says that due to contract dealings with cable providers they can’t change the price of HBO but can’t they just reduce the price for a HBO NOW subscription? HBO NOW is meant for cord cutters anyway, if someone has cable they’ll simply sign up the channel and use HBO GO.

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