J.J. Abrams’ New Mega-Deal: WarnerMedia, Apple Lead the Race

J.J. Abrams’ New Mega-Deal: WarnerMedia, Apple Lead the Race 4

J.J. Abrams’ New Mega-Deal: WarnerMedia, Apple Lead the Race




  1. Still waiting for his movie that takes place in the Half-Life/Portal universe that was announced years ago…

  2. >J.J. Abrams is fielding a lot of offers lately. The filmmaker, and his production company, Bad Robot, are looking for a new studio deal that will encompass films, television, digital content, music, games, consumer products and theme parks. Currently, WarnerMedia is the frontrunner, according to Variety, but Apple’s new streaming platform is also being considered.
    >Still in the running are Disney, Universal and Netflix, with each company trying to woo Abrams into convincing him their studio will be where he’s allowed the most creative opportunity.
    > Abrams is basically a free agent at this point. His deal with Warner Bros. TV is up in 2019, and his feature film pact with Paramount expires in March of 2020. Not to mention he’ll wrap up his tenure with **Star Wars** when **The Rise of Skywalker** hits theaters this December. Now, with every major studio looking for content to draw in viewers (and in many cases, subscribers), Abrams and his track record in both the big and small screens makes him a potentially viable commodity. Especially with Bad Robot valued at roughly half a billion dollars.
    >That potential has brought out the big guns, with Disney boss Bob Iger, WarnerMedia chief John Stankey and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke all personally showing up to try and entice Abrams into signing with them.

  3. I’m a fan of his but frankly, more as a producer (then director, then writer). I’m a huge Westworld fan. Castle Rock was awesome aside from that last ep which was kind of meh. 10 Cloverfield Lane, Fringe, Overlord, Lost. They’re spitting out like 3 or 4 more R rated shows. Point is, unless Apple is cool with R rated content then I don’t know how that would work. Warner would make more sense because of HBO. But I don’t really get the nature of these deals. I assume if Apple won, they would have to be quite flexible and let him continue to release shows on other platforms as well.

  4. Abrams knows exactly what he’s doing. He plays well with the studio, and makes safe films that bring in big numbers. I’m personally not a fan of his work but I have to admire the brand he’s cultivated.

  5. I would think that Disney would be wanting to shell out the big bucks to keep him around. I mean he’s made some big hits under the Disney umbrella, like LOST and The Force Awakens. But if Apple already has Spielberg on board, I could see Abrams going in that direction since he and Spielberg seem to be pals (Spielberg personally recommended him as director for force awakens)

  6. I really enjoy J.J. Abrams as a creative, but I am a bit confused as to why every major studio is lobbying him for a deal. I always felt like Hollywood was trying to make him the heir apparent to Steven Spielberg. Yet when I look back to his films and shows that he has directed or written I don’t find any of them iconic like Spielberg. Of course he has done Star Wars and Star Trek.


    IMO, I think he is far stronger as a producer. I really hope guys like Denis Villenueve, Alfonso Cuaron, Joon Hon Bong, and others get a fair shake at getting a mega deal that could really open up the flood gates creatively for them.


    Needless to say I hope it works out for him!

  7. I hope Apple doesn’t get anything.

    Last thing the world needs is a streaming service that is $999 a month.

  8. I can’t wait for him to defile and monetize more of my childhood with forgettable action movies.

  9. > Variety first reported last November that several major players were courting Abrams for a massive deal that would encompass films, television, digital content, music, games, consumer products, and theme-park opportunities.

    Holy shit there’s going to be a Bad Robot theme park?!

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