Money Heist: Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix 4

Money Heist: Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix




  1. Had no idea they translated the title for the English audience, “Money Heist” sounds ridiculous.

  2. 0:30 – Oh wow, they’re actually taking it into an entirely different direction and it looks ridiculous but fun

    1:15 – Wait, they’re doing the exact same fucking thing again?

  3. I knew when the sequel was announced it’d have to be either political or rescuing someone (or a bit of both in this case). No way they’d risk another heist for money when they got away with billions.

    Also as much as I loved Berlin I really really freaking really hope its only in flashbacks.

  4. I dont know how this show went from some of the best TV I saw to Telenovela levels of ridiculousness. Just about every character becomes an idiot at the end and the final shootout is legitamtely like something I would have thought up when I was 8. The back-to-back pistol wielding in a firefight in the trailer looks more the same

    Hence I’m not optimistic about this.

  5. ” We’ve managed to escape,but now comes **the most difficult part..surviving**”


    Perhaps that was something that could have been bought to their attention at the start of the 1st season.

  6. Bringing Berlin back is contrived but it might just be flashbacks. I have a problem with the motivation in this trailer though. Rescuing a kidnapped Rio?

    The team was friendly, but not devoted friends. If Tokyo came along and said “Rio’s been kidnapped!” I would expect them to say “Oh no! Totes rooting for you! Not getting involved.”

    They didn’t plan a third season so it was always going to be contrived, but this betrays the relationship of the team. Even the video description does. They were not a family.

  7. Not optimistic. Action looks good but storywise it feels really stupid and very repetitive. It shouldn’t have been renewed in the first place. Just let a limited series end when it’s supposed to end. I really want it to be good but since the first two seasons weren’t exactly masterpieces I’m not optimistic.

  8. It’s funny the masks always turned me off from watching this.

    Edit: Yikes. Note to self: Don’t share dumb internal dialogue

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