Them That Follow (2019) | Official US

Them That Follow (2019) | Official US 4

Them That Follow (2019) | Official US




  1. Ever since I first watched Broadchurch, I knew Olivia had skills wrapped under her sleeves, it gets proved here and before with Tyrannosaur, The Following, the Lobster.

  2. I, for one, am looking forward to watching Jim Gaffigan play a backwoods, snake-wielding zealot. It’s the role he was born to play.

  3. Looks really unique. Very curious to see Jim Gaffigan in a dramatic role. Olivia Colman is a god-tier actor, loved her in Broadchurch. This looks tense and well-made, really excited for it

  4. I cannot figure out what this is about.

    About a backward community that involves snake handling religious beliefs I guess.

  5. Before they showed who was the snake handler priest was, I thought hey the guy from Vice principles would be a great choice and here Walton Goggins shows up.

  6. Holy shit that cast. Walton Goggins and Olivia Colman are two of the very best actors around, and Kaitlyn Dever is certainly going places. Her talent was clear when she was holding her own on Justified in scenes with Goggins, Timothy Olyphant and Margo Matindale nearly ten years ago as a teenager. First time hearing of this movie, but now I’m excited.

  7. The synopsis says that it is about a forbidden relationship. Why is it forbidden? I didn’t understand from the trailer

  8. It’s unfortunate that the snakes they handle don’t have the rattler head. Makes it hard to suspend disbelief.

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