David Letterman Exposed Who Kanye West Really Is

David Letterman Exposed Who Kanye West Really Is 4

David Letterman Exposed Who Kanye West Really Is




  1. Not knowing his music, he came off in that show as an over privileged con artist, trying to come off as an artist, but really sounded like a bumbling fool…..

  2. None of this is surprising though if you really pay attention. Of course his public persona of chaos and crazy is a show (and always perfectly timed with an album release), of course some one with his background and attitudes would snap at the public discourse of mental health (albeit somewhat fairly one might say) while trying to dodge it and deny its negative effects on him, of course he’s a bit regressive—he pursed Kim when she was with another man, got with her, then changed and dictated her entire look while simultaneously launching the least flattering and monotonous fashion line. He’s a great producer with a decent voice but he’s not here to be a Michael or an Elton or a Tupac; he’s not a visionary for men in music in the 21st century. He’s just doing Kanye, and sadly these are somewhat darker chapters for him. He’s rarely ever seemed comfortable in the spotlight, because it gives him the validation and admiration he craves and likely really needs but is hyper focused on his flaws. And his alignment with Trump is not surprising either because Trump struggles with the same insecurities and delusions of grandeur because of their upbringings and successes. The clues were always there.

  3. The whole episode was cringeworthy. He took these great softball questions and essentially turned them into little disasters. Dave tried so hard to adapt to his energy, but Kanye was cagey, combative and paranoid… And he buys into his own shit as bad a his MAGA pal. I like Kanye’s work. Some of it is brilliant. He is not mentally stable. This perpetual display of paranoia and narcissism is exhausting and makes it seems like he’s doing a caricature of himself. It’s like some meta Kanye doing Kanye theatre. Also… fish sticks.

  4. Pretty sad Kayne’s known more for his bullshit antics and Trump loving than his music – been that way for years. Dude is a clown.

  5. The guy was a Bible thumper til he married a Kardashian who swore to him god isn’t real. Now he’s koo koo

  6. I wish I never had heard of Kanye West, his cartoon shoes, his forgettable music. Please go away forever, Kanye.

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