Wanna Have a Little Fun? Find all the Cuts within the Atomic Blonde Stairwell/Apa…

Wanna Have a Little Fun? Find all the Cuts within the Atomic Blonde Stairwell/Apa... 4

In Atomic Blonde, there is a actually, actually implausible battle scene the place Theron’s character single-handedly fights a handful of dangerous guys in a stairwell and an condo whereas attempting to maintain her mark alive. Anyone who’s seen the movie is aware of what I’m speaking about, it is simply the spotlight in an already implausible movie.

It’s filmed and edited in a manner that makes it look like one steady reduce (known as a “lengthy take”), however you understand full effectively there is no manner they did all of that in a single take. It’s a 7 minute scene involving stuntmen (and girls), faux blood, and loads of stunts.

So, for slightly enjoyable, I made a decision to see if I may find all the instances during which a reduce most likely occurred. I thought of this once I was watching this some time again, I observed some cases within the condo part of the battle that may have made for implausible alternatives for a reduce, however solely determined to look into it extra after somebody posted the thread about John Wick 3’s modifying.

I’m going off of this clip right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAXrcFBJXjM. Note, I did not watch your entire clip in gradual movement, so I probably missed some cuts. I used to be simply in search of spots the place a reduce would have been most definitely.

– 0:36 – Character jumps proper in entrance of the digital camera blocking all the pieces in sight.
– 0:43 – Gun is tossed down the stairwell and the digital camera follows. Quick sweep permits for simple slicing in order that they’ll place the actors in place for Theron’s character to kick the opposite dude down the steps. They’re positioned completely when the digital camera sweeps again.
– 0:47 – When digital camera sweeps again to Theron being tackled. Theron’s character is usually obscured all through this complete tumble down the steps suggesting they switched to a stuntwoman.
– 0:53 – Slowed down, you may see an apparent reduce right here. In common pace, you would not ever discover it.
– 1:24 – Character’s again obscures view. Perfect time for a reduce.
– 1:44 – Pretty certain there is a reduce right here.
– 2:01-2:02 – Cut when digital camera sweeps.
– 2:12 – Slow all the way down to 0.25x and you’ll see a reduce when the character is tumbling out of view.
– 2:46 – No characters in body. Only the wall.
– 3:01 – First of a variety of spin strikes that crosses proper in entrance of the digital camera, making for a great time to make a reduce.
– 3:20 – No characters in view.
– 3:39-3:40 – No characters in view whereas digital camera sweeps to comply with Theron.
– 3:52 – Camera sweeps, no characters in view. Theron appears like she teleported to the again room.
– 3:59-4:03 – It’s potential there was a reduce as characters in view aren’t transferring and there are a pair alternatives to make a reduce, however slowing it all the way down to 0:25x I did not discover an apparent reduce. Maybe I’m blind.
– 4:10 – Character pushed into digital camera obstructing view of all the pieces else.
– 4:18 – I’m fairly certain that is a reduce.
– 4:30 – Spin transfer obstructs digital camera.
– 4:43 – Oh look, one other spin transfer. How handy! Cut is definitely fairly apparent right here when slowed down. Theron’s character’s face is obscured just about the entire time till after the following reduce, which is correct…
– 4:51 – Here.
– 6:18 – Looked like an entire minute and a half earlier than a reduce. No characters in body right here. Last reduce within the scene.

I do not know what’s cooler, precise lengthy takes or scenes filmed and edited to imitate lengthy takes.

Also: [Obligatory “This is how you don’t edit a movie” clip of Brian Mills jumping a fence in Taken 3.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCKhktcbfQM) <3




  1. Cool scene. They didn’t cut on the strikes that I saw, which means waaaay more choreography than most Hollywood movies which cut on every punch because it would look like something from the WWE otherwise. It’s much harder to do it the way they did in this scene, but it looks infinitely better.

  2. [This video where the stunt coordinator goes over one of the fights might interest you.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rRo2Hi5Cxg)

  3. This fight scene felt overly choreographed and kind of ruined the camera work for me. It was projected and almost too slow of a fight to be believable.

  4. One of the better scenes in recent action memory, incredible cinematography, choreo and acting. I wish we got filming like this in John wick 3.

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