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NOS4A2 - Series Premiere Discussion 4


**Premise:** Vampire Charlie Manx’s (Zachary Quinto) victims find yourself in an imaginary village the place each day is Christmas which is threatened when highschool senior Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) discovers his secret on this supernatural drama primarily based on Joe Hill’s novel of the identical title.

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  1. This is so boooooooooring. I hate shows/movies that have supernatural elements then ignore them and show us basic family drama. If I want family drama I’ll watch literally any regular show. Zachary Quinto and the scrabble woman were the most interesting parts yet the show focused on yet another actress in her mid twenties playing a teenager. I was halfway through the pilot when I realized that we were supposed to believe she was a child.

    UGH. So disappointed. /ragequit.

  2. I really loved it! I had never read the books before so didn’t have a clue what to expect. Pleasantly surprised!

  3. I read the book quite a few years ago, but for what I remember, this is so far a hell of an adaptation!


    Honestly, I wouldnt change a lot really

  4. I just watched the first episode. It was interesting, but I’m mostly wondering what the hell a “Lovecraft Keyhole” is.

    It looks to me like that slow janitor is going to get conscripted as a henchman by the vampire fairly soon.

  5. I watched the first episode on a whim and really enjoyed it. I’m most intrigued by Maggie but like Vic as well.

    I’ve never even heard of the novel, for what it’s worth.

  6. I’ve only watched the premiere episode so far! It’s pretty awesome! Right outta the Stephen King playbook = duh…bizarre, dark and creepy as hell!!! A real treat for those of us who `appreciate` this type of genre…ie…a long time coming!!!

  7. i’m only on episode 3 but i’m really liking this show thus far! i like the whole cast but it’s Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen that has won me over. she’s just fantastic!

  8. Did this leak somehow? Everything im seeing says it premiered just last night, but i woke up this morning and sonarr had grabbed the entire season?

  9. Wtf they made this into a show? I had no idea! Not my favorite of Hills work but I will have to check this out

  10. I watched the first two episodes and I think they were pretty boring. I think it was a really bad idea for the writers to stick so closely to the book. The structure of the story does not lend itself to TV at all. There real “second act” of the story doesn’t even start until like 70% of the way through the book. They should have taken more creative liberties and found a better way to translate the story to TV.

  11. I’m staying hopeful, but we’ll see.

    I like the actress playing Vic, as she captures that blue-collar vibe of living in a small town, and I love the New England accents (which both Joe Hill and his father, Stephen King, often like to employ in their stories).

    I also like the look of the show — bright garish colors for the Bing and Manx scenes, which are juxtaposed against the mundane reality of Vic’s mainly brown-and-gray world.

    I didn’t like the focus on teen-angst. I can understand having Vic feud with her mother as that was in the novel, but I didn’t like recasting Maggie as a teen. I liked Maggie as an older person better in the book. She was extremely quirky and Joe Hill’s dialogue for her really provided a lot of humor, but they seem to have stripped that away from her.

    The casting for Bing was spot on. Perhaps taller than I expected but it’s how I had pictured him.

  12. It was pretty good. Good enough to keep me coming back. I do think it probably either should have been a one off mini-series or a single movie but I do like the people involved with this. I thought this would be worse based on the reviews but so far it’s at least not boring which is the worse thing a show can be.

  13. I’m kind of embarrassed by how long it took me to realize that the license plate and title of the show actually spell out Nosferatu.

  14. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to after reading that review that was posted here. Really like the girls playing Maggie and Vic (and the bag of Scrabble tiles was excellent).

    And the accents weren’t nearly as bad as that review said (well, other than that one scene early in the show).

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