I painted Nacho Libre, oil on canvas

I painted Nacho Libre, oil on canvas 4

I painted Nacho Libre, oil on canvas




  1. I am singing at the party

    I am singing, it’s my turn to sing at the party

    Everyone is dancing, happy, party

    But Ramses is not dancing, he does not dance at the party


    At night I play my games, I go to sleep, I think of Ramses

    The people in the street, they give him treats, they give him candies

    Will he ever lose? We’ll never know, he’ll never fight me

    Ramses is the greatest, even though he rhymes with pansies

    (Or panties)


    Ramses number one, he knows the secrets of desire


    Ramses number one, he put the people all on fire


  2. Is there any service that is streaming Nacho Libre? Haven’t seen this in forever and don’t think its on Netflix

    edit: [found one](http://plutotvapp.live/home)

  3. Fun fact: While Nacho Libre is inspired by a real Mexican priest turned luchador named Fray Tormenta, Tormenta himself was inspired by an earlier movie from 1963 called “El Señor Tormenta,” also about a priest who begins a secret career as a luchador to feed the children at his orphanage.


    The relevant part is in the VIII section, but the rest of the article is a pretty interesting story of Tormenta’s life.

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