Bo Burnham Will Pen Songs For Warner Bros. ‘Sesame Street’ Film

Bo Burnham Will Pen Songs For Warner Bros. ‘Sesame Street’ Film 4

Bo Burnham Will Pen Songs For Warner Bros. ‘Sesame Street’ Film




  1. Great to see Bo getting back into some music. I love his work and I’ve missed his musical goofiness.

  2. I miss his shows that were super organized down to the second. That shit has to be so hard to get right and hes done like two or three of them now.

  3. So this movie is supposedly being directed by Johnathan Krisel, known for his work on Tim and Eric, Portlandia, and Baskets. With Bo (and rumored Anne Hathaway) on board, consider me intrigued.

  4. Depression is

    a scary word.

    It’s big and long

    just like Big Bird.

    Don’t worry kids

    you won’t need to lieeeee

    Talk it out

    you don’t have to dieeeee…

  5. This is textbook pandering.

    Edit: apparently this needs to be added for the uninitiated:

  6. I like Bo, and I like Muppets.

    I was a bit skeptical for a moment, then I remembered one half of Flight of the Conchords wrote the great songs for the last two Muppet films, so there isn’t a worry that Bo will do just as well.

  7. Like, I love Bo, and I love his work, but when I go watch the Sesame Street film with my kid, I’m not looking to face an existential crisis. Which is what always happens to me with Bo’s material.

  8. Calm down, Bo. Just count to ten

    Um, one, two, three, whore – I mean four, shit

    Three, four five, bitch – I mean six, shit

  9. The Original Sesame Street film “Follow That Bird” was directed by Ken Kwapis who directed some of the best early episodes of the Office. It has that Henson-era feel to it and really comes off like a more kid-friendly Muppet movie. But there’s also a vibe similar to Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. The movie also has some good songs. But the casting is especially great with parts being played by Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Chevy Chase, Waylon Jennings, Sandra Bernhard and Sally Kellerman. Just always hoping to expose more people to the film because it wasnt exactly a smash hit blockbuster at the time but it was a big part of my childhood and it totally holds up.

  10. OK, first, this is prime /r/nottheonion matierla

    Second, I expect this is going to make for some GREAT songs. All of Bo’s stuff is SUPER catchy, and flows really well, if it’s applying his musical/Lyrical talent to “children music”, especially something that he likely has nostalgic memories of (based on his age).

  11. It’ll be interesting to see his take on some fun but impactful and message bearing songs that *dont* subtlely tell children to kill themselves

    (and yes I know the point of that song is to not kill yourself)

  12. There are very few things that I think Bo couldn’t do. I have 100% faith in anything creative he puts out.

  13. Cuz I’m Bird yo

    I’m the biggest bird raper ever

    And I’ll weather your feathers whether you think I’m bigger or not

    Think you’re bigger, you’re not

    Don’t need a sweater, I’m hot

    I’m a real B, birdy, that can really find your the G Word

    Whoa, yeah

    Hey…Can you say the Letter G?

  14. I see they’re going for the Muppet Movie strategy if “get subversive and talented people who have never made a family-friendly movie in their lives”

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