IKEA Recreates the Iconic TV Living Rooms from Friends, The Simpsons and Strange…

IKEA Recreates the Iconic TV Living Rooms from Friends, The Simpsons and Strange... 22

IKEA Recreates the Iconic TV Living Rooms from Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things




  1. These are really good recreations, I like the Simpsons one best.

    The Stranger Things one seems like a gimme with the paint on the walls and Christmas lights.

    Here’s the images so you don’t have to click through to the article: https://imgur.com/a/yd48mJQ

    While we’re all here looking at an Ikea ad, anyone excited for any new series? I’m looking forward to the new His Dark Materials adaptation. /r/HisDarkMaterialsHBO for those who like GoT and fantasy, it’s looking like HBO’s next big series.

  2. Quite interestingly, these aren’t real images. They’re digitally stitched together using IKEA’s virtual catalogue.

  3. They didn’t recreate Charlie and Frank’s place from Always Sunny, will have to pass on this one.

  4. I’m not sure this is really making me want Ikea furniture *more*. The difference between the two makes it look like cartoony crap.

  5. Stranger Things is an amazing show and all but it has no business being mentioned amongst such legendary shows like Friends or The Simpsons

  6. Does anyone else find the IKEA *Friends* and *Simpsons* living rooms strangely unsettling? They look so lifeless and manufactured, it’s triggering some sort of primal warning in me that something isn’t right. It’s kind ind of a *Don’t Hug me I’m Scared* vibe. Ironically, the *Strange Things* IKEA room is most relaxing and homey of the three.

  7. Is the Stranger Things living room considered iconic?

    Don’t get me wrong that it has received considerable viewership, but it has only been on the air for two seasons. (Of which, frankly, the first vastly outplays the second.)

    It seems a little premature regarding the show’s current lifespan as well as the “living room” not being as central of a location.

    I digress, cool idea!

  8. The Friends one takes all the comfy out of the room. Comparing the two, I’d take the one from set over IKEA any day.

  9. Not the first time for the last of those three – I went to a promotional event organised by Sky in the UK to celebrate their tie-in with Netflix (you can get Netflix access for a little extra on their monthly subscription) that had a recreation of that.

    My personal photos from the event (not exactly the best in the world):


  10. In the 90’s Fox built a full-size replica of the Simpson’s house. I think they gave it away as a prize. I wonder how it looks now? At least I think this happened.

  11. They turned Monica’s coffee table the wrong way! And where’s the blanket that hangs over the back of the couch? Ugh, so much wrong here.

  12. “Well ,the end table is wrong , the couch look bizarre and don’t even get me start of the refrigerator magnets!!! “

  13. Holy crap. I couldn’t even figure out what I was reading on that site. I couldn’t imagine someone over 50 trying to make sense of that webpage.

  14. What they don’t show the furniture is missing a few screws or misaligned drill holes and 6 hours of looking at directions without words trying to get two pieces together where nothing matches what you purchased.