The Revenant screenwriter Mark L. Smith has accomplished a script for a (1)4th Star…

The Revenant screenwriter Mark L. Smith has accomplished a script for a (1)4th Star... 4

The Revenant screenwriter Mark L. Smith has accomplished a script for a (1)4th Star Trek movie primarily based on a narrative by Quentin Tarantino. QT to provide some notes quickly.




  1. I am 100% positive Quentin Tarantino can write and direct a regular Star Trek movie that doesn’t deviate that far from previously established films. He’s a professional not some crazy asshole who does whatever he wants without any concern for the world he’s working in. He’s directed tv shows and stayed more or less on brand for them.

  2. Surprisingly I think it could work. Tarantino has that 60’s flair to his movies that might tonally fit a Star Trek movie.

  3. I can’t remember where it was posted but someone linked an interview (old one) where QT states his idea for a Star Trek film, and it’s based on an episode of the old series (original series I think), I may be mis-remembering but I think there’s another interview where he goes in deeper on what he would do with a start trek film. Pretty pissed I can’t remember where I read it.

  4. From the way he talks about it, he actually *does* get Star Trek, what its about and what it is about it the fans love about the universe.

    Abraham’s problem was he turned it into slapstick Sci Fi action set piece overload with little story behind it.

    Now, even the very best Star Trek films, like Wrath of Khan and First Contact are hardly the most complicated stories ever, but they are better than “ pretty people flashy bang bang for 90mins”.

    Plus, when your Heros ship gets turned into swiss cheese in every single film theres no drama:

    “Oh look, the Enterprise is getting the fuck kicked out of again never mind eh.”

  5. Everyones worried about Tarantino saying he’s only ever going to direct 10 movies and then retire. I keep thinking he’s just gonna shift to more writing and producing only, and leaving the directing to someone else. We still have a lot interesting movies coming out of this guys head in the future. Im excited for a Star Trek one that he has a part in the production for

  6. I just want it to have Samuel L. Jackson as a Klingon and to have him “Say Federation again Mother Fucker I dear you , Say Federation again, just before he shoots his first officer.

  7. “Mark, this is a good script don’t get me wrong. But I asked for one thing and one thing only….Where is Uhura’s feet? I asked for her feet and I don’t see it in these 200 pages.”

  8. Its Star Trek, you can pretty much take it anywhere you want and its ok. Also who cares about these franchises like Star Wars etc doing new/different things? Theyve been around for decades. I want them to change

  9. QT: Add FUCKIN’ in dialogue, overload the bitch; add interstellar racism dialogue, add 1960s-2010s pop cultural references, and GET ME PATRICK STEWART! Get me that golden Android too, what his name, Data? Yeah, we may have to get a way younger dude for him since Androids don’t age. Add strange interstellar travel story between Picard and Riker.

    As much of a cool concept this may look on paper, I have a feeling Tarantino could turn Trek into something unrecognizable, even more than JJ Abram’s Wrath of Khan knock off

  10. Damn. This defeats my theory that Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was secretly his Star Trek movie about Scientology. It would have been perfect. Enterprise crew battling [Xenu]( – dictator of the Galactic Confederacy, and it would have giant space battles with Xenu’s fleet of DC-8 airliners, and all culminating in battle within the Hawaii volcanoes.

    Star Trek vs. Scientology / Xenu would fit perfectly into the whole “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” theme of the movie, since all these Hollywood actors would have been conscripted into Xenu’s Scientology army to spread propaganda and amass a bigger army for the final battle for human souls. Was looking forward to big zero-g space kung fu battles between Kirk / Spock and Pitt / Dicaprio – and a big space battle between the Enterprise and Xenu mothership.

  11. A *Jackie Brown* style take on Star Trek is exactly what the series needs. Unfortunately, it’ll be so different from established Trek it’ll likely be hated no matter what.

  12. It won’t get made. Bad Robot’s out the door at Paramount. Also, no one’s making an R rated Star Trek.

  13. Right, it will still be drowned in more swarm-attack enemy bullshit, and millions of lights and phasers onscreen.

  14. That’s great and all, but when will we see an episode based on Badger’s story about the transporter used for cheating in an eating contest?

  15. I was disappointed to see an article about a revenant screenwriter, and it turns out that he’s just a living, mortal man.

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