True Grit at 50: the throwback western that gave John Wayne his solely Oscar

True Grit at 50: the throwback western that gave John Wayne his solely Oscar 4

True Grit at 50: the throwback western that gave John Wayne his solely Oscar




  1. The Coens was a much more faithful adaptation of the book, which is a masterpiece. Wayne’s version completely misunderstood who Rooster was.

  2. Funny that this is the one he got an Oscar for. This movie is so corny and the Rooster Cogburn character is pretty one-dimensional. I thought he gave much better performances in Liberty Valance, The Searchers, and especially The Shootist.

  3. I don’t care for John Wayne, but I like this movie even despite some cheesiness. I don’t really buy Glenn Campbell — although I like him as a singer — and Kim Darby isn’t nearly as good in the role as Hailee Steinfeld would later be. There’s also a TV-quality to some scenes, i.e. not as well-shot as they could be. (I’m thinking the snake scene late.) Still, it’s something of a favorite in the genre for me.

  4. Lol the fact that John Wayne won that year over Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight for Midnight Cowboy is a joke

  5. I have fond memories of this movie but the Coen bros. adaptation is sooooo much better. The John Wayne version isn’t even as good as its own sequel, “Rooster Cogburn (and the Lady!)” with Katherine Hepburn.

  6. That’s funny, I tried to post this several times last night. How did you manage it? I got: oh it’s too short, rejected, I fix it, oh it’s too soon, wait a few minutes, try again, oh, it’s too long. Ffs. It’s like something out of Brazil. You can delete this post if you fill out form 27B/6.

  7. Can you make a connection between this movie and the relationship between The Hound and Arya Stark?

  8. It was real rough reading the recently-resurfaced Playboy interview that John Wayne did back in the day. He had some really unkind things to say about minorities and gays, though not out of character for some people of that era.

    He was the very definition of a bedraggled and weatherbeaten man. I’m sure that half of his body weight was due to accidentally ingested cigarette filters and that he washed his face daily with asbestos pucks and wood grain alcohol.

    Also: TIL that, according to the post photo, time-traveling Justin Bieber appeared in *True Grit*.

  9. Though only semi-related, this era of Hollywood is why I have such high hopes for Tarantino’s new film. It was an interesting era in many respects, not the least of which is that the concept of a ‘leading man’ was changing rapidly, leaving golden era ‘heroes’ like John Wayne on the cusp of being washed up has-beens in favor of more complex, flawed characters and subject matter.

  10. Its kind of lousy movie but he really was quite good in it and I think deserved an award for it (my only caveat is I don’t remember the other oscar nominees he was up against that year).

  11. Didn’t care for it or the remake, tbh. I’m not a big fan of the Western as a genre anyway, with a few exceptions (The Sisters Brothers was pretty darned good). Never really cared for John Wayne and lately, Jeff Bridges talks like he’s got a mouth full of shit (I still love The Dude though).

  12. Whenever I see this movie referenced, all I can think of is [this awkward af scene](

    The way he smiles as he looks on gives me the creeps

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