Plenty of Fantasy in HBO’s ‘Chernobyl,’ however the Truth Is Real

Plenty of Fantasy in HBO’s ‘Chernobyl,’ however the Truth Is Real 4

Plenty of Fantasy in HBO’s ‘Chernobyl,’ however the Truth Is Real




  1. The show creators have a supplemental podcast with commentary on each episode, including how they decided on which narratives to showcase and what creative liberties they took.

  2. This is so pretentious.

    “I’m a real scientist so trust me when I say it’s dumbed down by these non-scientist producers for you dumb idiot consumers”

    Plus some of the stuff he complains about is irrelevant and wrong. People reported the glow of the sky and ionization of the air causing glow is a real thing. One firefighter said they saw guys climb up on the roof and never saw them again. The decisions made by Legasov and Khombchuk(I don’t remember her name) did occur so why does it matter if they or their actions didn’t exist in history? The story is real and it’s the producers liberty to decide how to tell it. Why wouldn’t they include these recounts of eyewitnesses if it made an interesting show?

  3. I went in blind just knowing it exploded but I knew for a fact that they were gonna dumb it down for the regular person and even then, I still feel incredibly dumb watching it and hearing them just rattle off terms I have no idea what they mean. Graphite, RBMK reactors, roentgens, and complex nuclear physics. Sure why not, but even then it doesn’t take away from the amazing production value and overall sense of dread.

  4. Started watching this show because of the commercials but man what a show, I love it. A nice little substitute to wean me off the GOT withdrawal.

  5. It’s pretty scary how close we were to being fucked. The steam explosion they stopped in episode 3 would’ve “wiped out half of Europe” apparently. Anything could’ve gone wrong at any moment.

    They didn’t even know what caused the explosion at that time.

  6. I think they did a good job, it is a drama after all and not a documentary. Just poor timing IMO due to public sentiment being unfavorable to nuclear energy solutions.

  7. I love this series, but have to accept the critique is entirely valid.

    I lived through and know the Chernobyl disaster well, and have studied it for years. There are significant creative liberties and inventions in this TV series. These inventions do make for super enjoyable viewing, but for those of us who know the dry facts, it’s a little disappointing.

    It’s a bit disheartening that this fictionalized drama is the first and perhaps only detailed presentation today’s young people are getting, and that it will treated as the definitive account.

    I’ve heard the writer and producers’ defense of their creative license and I concede they’ve been effective in skating by with the majority of people, even if I don’t necessarily agree.

  8. As said elsewhere, the raw facts and events of the Chernobyl disaster are already incredibly compelling. I wish the makers of this series would have had a more disciplined stance on facts and would have avoided all the superfluous dramatization. It would still have been amazing to watch, perhaps more so.

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