Frozen II (2019) | Official Poster

Frozen II (2019) | Official Poster 4

Frozen II (2019) | Official Poster




  1. I love the “mysterious action adventure” vibe they’re going with the marketing for this one. At this point in the last one we were still stuck with Olaf slapstick.

  2. According to [this tweet](, the new Trailer will premiere on Good Morning America Tomorrow.

  3. Reading these comments, I’m reminded that Reddit isn’t the general population. The original film has an A+ Cinemascore, critical acclaim, won two Academy Awards and two Grammys, and a WW gross of nearly 1.3 billion–making it the highest grossing animated film ever. Yet, I guess many on Reddit think this film was sucky and like to nitpick it.

  4. I just hope that the song on this one is as good as Let It Go. Say whatever you like about that song, but it was really a damn good song.

  5. I expect this movie to be as great as the first. I feel like they waited enough time to properly develop and avoid a rush-job. I hope I’m not disappointed!

  6. Frozen 2: Frozen again

    Frozen 2: Colder than the Dead

    Frozen 2: Ice Scream

    Frozen 2: Elsa’s revenge

    Frozen 2: Ban-Anna splits

    Frozen 2: Meltdown

  7. I really liked the first movie, and as the mother of a toddler who is *obsessed* with everything Frozen, I really can’t wait for there to be new material for us to watch on repeat.

  8. If Anna doesn’t end up with the capability to control fire, I’ll eat some sort of super spicy food to compensate.

  9. I doubt it would happen but I think it would be interesting if Anna is the villain or becomes the antagonist by the end of the film, potentially setting up a third

    Elsa was originally going to be the villain of the first movie but they ultimately decided against it to make her more a source of empowerment and this was likely the best choice, especially for commercial reasons as ‘Let It Go’ would have never existed

    Anna’s look on the poster and the marketing so far has me thinking this could be the case, or at least something relatively close. It would be an interesting subversion too after the original plans with Elsa. Of course the major thing holding this idea back is I doubt Disney would want one of their most popular characters to turn heel as it may impact toy sales, it’s one of the reasons why Rey didn’t turn bad at the end of TLJ. Considering the whole thing with Elsa going from potential villain to empowering hero, resulting in ridiculous toy sales, I ultimately can’t see the Mouse signing off on that.

    But I think it would be really cool as an idea if executed correctly, plus its uncharted territory.

  10. [I put the Avengers theme over the Frozen 2 trailer and it’s kinda perfect](

  11. I am all here for a darker, more serious Frozen movie. Hopefully the film itself is actually indicative of the marketing

  12. Why is everyone talking about Elsa being gay in this thread? Was that a rumor or something hinted at in the last movie? Just out of the loop and curious.

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